The Lilywhite Cup – 20th May 2011

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This is very good.

Being the brightest and indeed the best of the bunch, HH readers are the first to find out about a unique Tottingham football event that will kick off next month called The Lilywhite Cup, being held  at the London Soccer Dome – the former David Beckham Acadamy- on the 20th of May.

The Lilywhite Cup is an evening event, with 32 Seven-A-Side teams battling it out to win the tournament and then go on to later compete in the London Cup against Arsenal, Cheatski and West Ham.

The The Lilywhite Cup isn’t just another Seven-A-Side contest, added value comes in the form of each quarter final team will be managed by a Spurs Legend from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Among those joining in are Club Captain Ledley King, Ossie Ardilles, Ricky Villa, Paul Allen, Paul Sedgley and some bloke called Graham ‘Rambo’ Roberts.

There’s a post match meal and drinks for all entrants which includes a Q&A session from those Legends you haven’t already casually interrogated to death during the course of the day as well as raffles of hand signed memorabilia.

This is a majorly cool event and places are on a first come first served basis. All the details are HERE.

Get stuck in.

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  • Big Mal says:

    Ledley King playing. Interesting.

  • Yachtsman says:

    Just posted this on the previous thread. I trust that repeating it here is not taken as being too self indulgent. Here goes:

    Being away from the day to day (including TV, newspapers, radio, etc.) – forcibly for the last weeks – has some advantages. The opportunity to see matters in perspective, for example. Like being on Mars. At that distance, things look different. For instance:
    1. The Hudd Factor. He’s vital to our success. Was so in the early CL stage when he singlehandedly pulled us back in Switzerland. His distribution and ability to keep us playing across the whole field was what made the Berb-Keane partnership so effective (Carrick was the key earlier, but Hudd is superior to Carrick, he can shoot.) It’s no coincidence that the moment he’s back we score three goals, two from the striker department, and our ball movement and over all shape are improved (all this info. from catching up here and so on). He’s got to start in every important game till the season’s over. And that means every game (if his body can take it).
    2. The 4-4-2 factor. That’s our best formation. Stop shilly shallying around with 4-4-1-1 and its derivatives. Pav and VdV up front. Lennon, Hudd, Modders (free to move up ) and Bale. Gallas, Kaboul, Dawson and A&E. Tell them they will play every day.
    3. The ‘Arry Factor. There’s nothing really wrong with ‘Arry as a manager/tactician (though I wish he would keep his mouth shut media wise (yes, he could learn from the Fergie fellah in this regard). Other than he’s not going to be around for long, or at least has made it clear he wants the national job. That’s the real flaw. We want someone with talent at the helm whom the directors will back for the long haul, and who himself sees the post as his summit. That’s the Fergie factor. That’s the glue which spreads to the squad, over time, so that the chatter about so and so leaving simply falls away. Levy needs to get that man in ASAP.
    In my humble opinion. Sitting on the edge of Mars and looking down the exhaust of a shooting star…

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      No problem you’re always well worth reading. By the very nature stuff gets ‘lost’ when new pages go up :daumen:

  • Yachtsman says:

    Should have read your intro, HH. Would then have said what a grand event you are promoting, one which I support and would have attended, if I could.

    Best of luck to it and all who are present!

  • Brycie says:

    We are gonna tank RM the mara no worries Jose won’t know what end of him is up !!!

  • Fatfish says:

    Great banner at Old Trafford. John Terry – Mr Penalty.

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