Team Sheet Vs Real Madrid. Today.

Image for Team Sheet Vs Real Madrid. Today.

Guten afternoon.

Interesting interview with Arry on Talksport this morning. The Bale injury appears to have been the original red herring and our supremo’s comments on Gallas make me feel there is probably as much wrong with Billy as there is with any of his limbs. I base this upon the Frenchman’s ridiculous ‘wrong shoes’ business the other week and the fact that he used to play for Le Arse and they breed it into their players to fanny about.

Here’s what I’ve been told the 11 will be. Do of course feel free to lamblast, sue and generally seek refunds via the usual channels if it turns out to be a dreadful hoax that scares you for life and generally renders your knickers un-re-twistable.

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