Van der Vaart Deal Confirmed

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I’ve just taken the call that confirms it.

Highly esteemed friend of the show Chris Toy the geezer behind the excellent and the innovative has a range of footy tee shirts out as I am sure you know. I have them proudly displayed in my Schmutter dept.

I told Chris that some people, not all, mistake me for a cheapskate and a bum. Just because I like a deal. I told him that I thought most people felt the same way when it came to buying stuff.  Chris insisted I was mistaken and nobody was as cheap as me. I apparently ‘exude’ cheapness.

And to prove the point, he has given me a discount code that will get you 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WHEN YOU BUY THE VDV SHIRT. The code is HHVDV.

Chris says you’ll simply sneer at the code. You’ll buy at full price, appreciating the designs, the quality and the inherent value. I say get stuck in and rob him. Buy loads. Hurt him.

The VDV one is undoubtedly cool but my fave is actually the footy boots around the neck.

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