Date: 29th April 2011 at 4:54pm
Written by:

Good evening viewers.

I’ll be blunt. This doesn’t look good. All the stats, form guides and tea leaf data available suggest our visit to Second Hand Fridge indicates us getting a thumping one could only call comprehensive.

Yet again I am beginning to gently seethe over us  ‘suddenly’ finding ourselves having to approach every game now with fingers crossed, lucky rabbits feet clutched etc etc.  Which inevitably leads to one of the following conclusions. So is it Tottingham are too stupid to genuinely advance or is it that they simply aren’t good enough?

Trying to label an entire club as stupid is ambitious even by my standards. So it has to be that we’re simply not good enough. We have on the telly beaming. ‘This is a team that won’t give up’ he says. By stark, grim and depressing contrast we have smirking telling us no games are easy, he’s having liver and onions for his dinner and does anyone know what won the 4.40 at Haydock? I could weep.

I maintain it’s a change in playing personnel that’s needed, but it has to make you wonder if the really want to go from the extreme of Fabio The Talking Dalek to an extra from ‘Minder’?

Individual brilliance could win the day. My money is firmly on Cheatski doing just that. Drogba is in bitching mood, Torres wants his career back. We have the one dimensional and .

A late kick off so at least some lunchtime boozing might take some of the sting out of things.