We’re Going To Lose

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Good evening viewers.

I’ll be blunt. This doesn’t look good. All the stats, form guides and tea leaf data available suggest our visit to Second Hand Fridge indicates us getting a thumping one could only call comprehensive.

Yet again I am beginning to gently seethe over us  ‘suddenly’ finding ourselves having to approach every game now with fingers crossed, lucky rabbits feet clutched etc etc.  Which inevitably leads to one of the following conclusions. So is it Tottingham are too stupid to genuinely advance or is it that they simply aren’t good enough?

Trying to label an entire club as stupid is ambitious even by my standards. So it has to be that we’re simply not good enough. We have Sluralix on the telly beaming. ‘This is a team that won’t give up’ he says. By stark, grim and depressing contrast we have Arry smirking telling us no games are easy, he’s having liver and onions for his dinner and does anyone know what won the 4.40 at Haydock? I could weep.

I maintain it’s a change in playing personnel that’s needed, but it has to make you wonder if the FA really want to go from the extreme of Fabio The Talking Dalek to an extra from ‘Minder’?

Individual brilliance could win the day. My money is firmly on Cheatski doing just that. Drogba is in bitching mood, Torres wants his career back. We have the one dimensional Defoe and 3MP.

A late kick off so at least some lunchtime boozing might take some of the sting out of things.

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  • Disco Darren says:

    I disagree, we’re going to win.

    • Stratty says:

      If we lose we need to win at Eastlands and Anfield, and for City to get 1pt from trips to Everton and Bolton.

    • Stratty says:

      Also, we have still made a name for ourselves by defeating Italy’s finest this season, which will help in getting top new players in, so I don’t think we’re heading for an immediate return to mid-table obscurity.

    • The V says:

      Read on: it’s like a sketch from PhoneJacker

  • liam diamond says:

    well done on being so positive……prick!!!real fans get behind the boys…coys

  • liam diamond says:

    well i dont have us down for losing before we even play for a start.alwasys enjoyed this site,time to fuck it off i think.go support someone else your not wanted mug.i suppose you want harry sacked aswell ffs!!

  • The Ric says:

    Liam you idiot hes just being realistic.
    we have dropped points against wet spam, west brom, blackpool, wigan sides that teams that end top 4 beat.
    Harry imo aint up to managing Spurs to the next level with the squad we have i could pick 11 players to beat those teams.
    even if we do win tomorrow which is a big if (21 years without a win there) we still have no chance of the top 4 we blew it against the shit teams leaving us with a mountain to climb with the hardest run in which unlike last year consists of mainly tough away games last year we needed to beat chelsea, arsenal and city (2 at home) this year we need to beat City, Liverpool, Chelsea, (Away) and even then we aint guarenteed jack shit. Europa or 6th place is best we can wish for.

    • Stratty says:

      YES. I could pick a team to beat them as well. Gomes; Charlie, Dawson, King/(Gallas), BAE; Lennon, Modric/(Van Der Vaart), Huddlestone/(Sandro), Bale; Crouch, Defoe. Same team that was beating them last year before Harry decided that 4-4-2 wouldn’t work in the Champions League, and so disrupted the strike team to play 4-5-1.

  • liam diamond says:

    dont disagree (p)ric(k) but to say weve lost already is bollocks.fuck off to the emirates the pair of you and leave us to cheer harry and the boys on through thick and thin!!coys

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