What’s More Important, Wigan Or Madrid?

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The answer of course is that it’s a pretty dumb question.

Wigan’s away section is sold out, so the humdrum of the Premier League has not been entirely dismissed. Equally there has been a bristle of activity on forums from fans wanting advice on manner of European Tour related issues. Where to purchase their Drachma, ‘is it safe to drink the water?’ and requests for a few handy phrases in foreign to get them by.

We have been subjected to the old ‘bare bones’ speech from Arry of course. Dawson and Bassong are our only two fit centre backs. Hang on – who’s on the incredibly long list of unfit ones? I’ll take Gallas, but Woodgate and Ledders have long since been converted into Prit Sticks, tubes of UHU and rolls of Sellotape, haven’t they?

The Boy Bale did his hamstring in enroute to Cardiff. Presumably whilst trying to simultaneously plug his laptop charger in to a near impossible to reach under table socket and prevent his tea being swept of said table by the passing coats and carrier bags of fellow passengers stampeding past him. Well it’s how I did mine.

For those of you still battling the whole ascent of man process, those of us to the far right of the chart have worked out that if we don’t actually win the Champions League¬† then we must finish fourth domestically in order to qualify for it next time round. It’s true. Scientists did a study on it.

So Wigan cannot afford to be a warm up act, not treated as poor cousin or as a limbering up exercise. Our lot need to go there and show some minerals. To do less would equate to spending your rent money on hookers and fast cars but telling yourself there was nothing worry about as you’d left a tenner to spend on scratch cards and therefore everything would be cushty.

My shirt losing betting suggestion is Pav Anytime Scorer in a 0-2 win at a Vodkatastic 18/1.

My Indian spirit guide Dave tells me to expect Defoe to start.

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  • eastanglianspur says:

    I would say both are as important as each other, but with an edge towards the Wigan match.

  • guvnor says:

    Wigan is more important but r.mardrid is what we want.
    Spurs have just announced the signing of lukaku from anderlecht on a pre contract.

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      Did they make this announcement by writing it on a “kite” which is now hidden in your anal passage?

      I can only assume the tradition whereby April Fools jokes are supposed to be played out before midday is dying/dead, or doesn’t apply in your locality. If it does apply, well… :freu

      • guvnor says:

        I thought i would delay it until tonight, since i knew you would be busy allday bumming your boyfriend in your bedsit. Just the response i was after! lol. MUG

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          You obviously don’t get:

          a) The tradition,


          b) The inference that you were clearly talking out of your arse.

          Congratulations for the “homosexual” nature of your response. Have issues do you? I guess that will also explain your choice of “guvnor” as your handle.

  • eastanglianspur says:

    Loo-kaku – sounds like the bog standard version of Kaka!!

  • Is Khumalo fit, and able to return from Preston? ….thought he was an arf decent player…??

    Depending on how Wigan goes, I can see Arry starting with Sandro at the back rather than Bassong adgainst Madrid….

  • 89Spur says:

    I hope that Defoe doesn’t wear that bloody tee shirt again. Kiss of death!

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