11 O’Clocker – RedSchnapps To Cheatski

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I have it on good authority that the story that has been driving bookmakers bonkers for the past day or so is total twaddle. And he tells me it was quite possibly cooked up by a bookmaker.

My guy is actually a Chelsea blogger and his connections as they say in race horsing circles are pretty close to impeccable. Of course POTL has said the same and for all the ITK knocking that was a very specific rebuttal by him too.

The whole tale stank worse than Dos Santos’ underpants after a big night out anyway. The idea that Abramovich would lose patience with Wilkins, then Ancelotti but then – want to admit Arry ‘NotGuiltyYerHonour’ Redschnapps into his inner circle beggars belief.

‘Alright Roma, I’ve got a mate who can do us a proper little turn ‘ere for sure none of your foreign rubbish – this boy’s got two feetĀ  – he ‘as to carry his potential about in a wheelbarra – I reckon 15mil + a few sweeteners and look I’ve spoke to Scotty and he’s over the moo….’ *DIAL TONE*

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  • Yido Rhea says:

    Basically Chelscum have more dignity, intent and ambition to ‘Hire’ Harry ‘the bacon sandwich’ Redknapp. **SHOCK HORROR** 40 YEARS = 1 FA CUP & 1 INTERTOTO!! Just Saying :whistle:

    • gio says:

      Dignity???? You sacked your manager in the corridor at Anfield!! What do chelski (8 managers in 9 years) know about dignity????

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Typical Next Manager speculation, you see runs on guys as standard. Current flavour of the day is now Marco Van Basten. Tomorrow it could be Frank Rijkaard.

    As they say, nothing to see here.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Can’t see how Van Basten would work there either – hardly a yes man or the right CV.

  • Next bus to woolwich! says:

    Maybe the Chavs do,but if that;s the case and I am not saying for one second it is..What a shame they couldn’t take him off us!!!

  • Nicktheyid says:

    Can’t see arry managing any club next season apart from maybe the pentonville mean machine

  • davspurs says:

    Harry this was a man who left Pompy to got to southamton and then went to Pompy then lef to come to us Chelsea wif our frank would be fuck all to Harry. The big problem is England is calling and Harry is waiting he will be with us a bit longer or it will be BONDY and JOE and relegation we love you Harry we do

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