11 O’Clocker – THFC Offer Brad Friedel A Contract

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Bonsoir mange tout.

Well it’s come to this then. Not that I don’t rate Brad but there ain’t a goalie in the whole wide world who’s nuffink without a good, steady and reliable back four in front of him. And thems is facts.

I’m inert. I presume he’ll choose Liverpool over us anyway. Bless ‘im.This is as daft as bringing Robbo back. It somehow negates addressing the other problems. It’s lunacy.

PSV, may I apologise to both you and Gomes on behalf some half-sane folk for wasting your time…

What a kerfuffle, eh? Meh.

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  • south upper says:

    very true…no need to say much more than that arry

  • melcyid says:

    I like mange touts.

  • yid747i says:

    oh dear oh dear oh dear please no we can better than this old yank.

  • Daz says:

    I would say the keeper sometimes directly influences how calm and solid the back four can be. Cudicini was a case in point for the last few games, as we never looked like conceding – especially when King came back in. I say make Cudicini Number 1 next year and drop Gomes to number 2, and if he doesn’t like it flog him.

  • astromesmo says:

    Just a tad confused… Are you saying you’d prefer Gomes and are apologising for wasting his time at Spurs or to PSV for linking him going back? As if it’s the former, then I don’t think we owe him an apology???? Was it our fault that when he was given the opportunity to carry our torch into Europe once again he dropped it in the net and set fire to the Park Lane?

    I love Gomes – I maybe wouldn’t let him sleep with etc. etc. but the guy needs to get back to a place where he’s not so pivotal. Where he can be the hero and Corp. Clanger in equal measure without it leaving people facing calls for the sack. He’ll be happier that way and I think we all want him to be happy.

    Cuddles was good in the run-in but has Evo-Stick holding his wrists together, while Plenti-Costa made the Gooners stopper options look like Gordon Banks… And when you bring up Alnwick, Dame Comolli suddenly remembers he has an appointment somewhere to talk about finding Bale.

    So… Cuddles, Friedel & One new very whizz-bang young upstart yet to be decided doesn’t look such a bad bet.

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