£30M For Bale + Tottingham Now Favourites To Land Osvaldo & Benzema’s Staying Put

Image for £30M For Bale + Tottingham Now Favourites To Land Osvaldo & Benzema’s Staying Put

As you were.

Guillem Ballague’s a wag. Which I mean in the traditional sense, rather than in any way implying he uses skimpy designer frocks and exotic hairdoos to entice professional footballers to knob him.

A few interesting Tweets.

When Harry Redknapp talks about huge signings for Manchester City he is talking about a potential £30m offer for Gareth Bale.


In the last few hours it seems Spurs favourites to land Osvaldo. But Fulham, at Madrid, Sevilla, Everton also interested amongst many others.


Benzema has told Real Madrid he doesn’t want to leave the club this summer

I have time for Guillem if only for the fact that he received dogs abuse from Scousers when he was the first to break that Torres was off. Whining because you can’t cope with information tendered in good faith is for suckers.

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  • rogerspurs says:


    I suspect they (Mancs – both types) do want BAle and Modders.They’ve both stated ( as have agents I think) that they are happy to stay at Spurs ‘cos we’re a teamon the up. As far as Citeh goes however – it’s gonna be hard to say no when you’re offered £200k a week so I suspect if the bid comes ols Danny boy needs to get his best negotiating breeches washed and ready to wear. We need both of them to stay if no more than as a sign of intent … but if they want out “waht can you do” in the words of the man. Don’t want any sales – I’ve just renewed me feckin season ticket. But if they do go let’s get top dollar and buy some decent goal machines. ( and a bionic knee for Ledders)

    • Enorme Nuez says:

      Has something happened to the Manchester area in recent years that makes it a desirable area to live in?

      • eastanglianspur says:

        Wilmslow is very posh. 9, 10, and 11 plates everywhere on Astons, Mercs & Bentley’s – BM’s and Audis are for paupers up there.

        Makes my neck of woods look like a Big Issue Mecca!

        Is there a North/South divide? You betcha.

  • Tonka Toy says:

    Too much free time on your hands? About as much credibility as the Nigerian money scammers. Would you like us to hand over our bank account details and a fee so that you can send the truth to our inboxes?

  • Dave's Mum says:

    Unless either of them hand in a transfer request, that good enough for me…still won’t stop the old rumour mill though…coys

  • melcyid says:

    its grim oop norrrth

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