Date: 28th May 2011 at 1:39pm
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If you can tear yourself away from Ryan Giggs’ penis for just one moment…

I of course stole that from Ben Goldacre in . As I commented to an esteemed colleague, there are opening lines and there are opening lines. That has to be the modern equivalent of Call me Ishmael.

That’s the fastest digression ever.

Arguably good news – cheerfully doing the rounds this morning like a happy bin man – is that enquiries are being made for old . This will be received belligerently by those who have footage of that goal against City kept ion a locket about their necks and it won’t please .

First through the door was apparently Steve Bruce. Apparently there has been little or no communication since the price was revealed. What that figure was I cannot tell you.

Second had been what the press would call the threat of an audatious swoop from none other than QPR. Again I don’t have any figures.

Bruce is obviously sitting on his dosh and the  QPR interest reveals that –  despite all the mumbles coming out of Loftus Road – they are planning to give it a good go and not just rake in as much as they physically can while they’re here.

As I say, it’s difficult to believe Arry is in a hurry to flog Pete. Yet another good reason to have that splendid Mr running the show.