A Fiendishly Difficult Cockerel Shaped Competition

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Evenin’. Yes I too was promised more than wot was delivered.

No, I’m not talking about that knackered blonde pensioner currently trying to pass herself off as a unforgettable Cut Price Ukrainian Nymphet home massage service in the Chelmsford area.

No. I’m talking ’bout Direct Line. But the similarities are indeed harrowing. A big HI!to Chris Portrey there in Customer Feckwittedness. Mde De Hotspur & I now wish we’d bought breakdown cover from Fred & Rose West.

Anyway …here’s a platinum plated opportunity to win. Have you been a loser in life so far? Let me redeem you, brother. Sister, this way redemption lies. Come close. That’s what she said. Glory be. I am a redeemer.

Who’s the bloke in the snap?

First prize is a copy of … 

Don’t Forget When Ordering

You can claim an ADDITIONAL 20% HH discount on any Vision books by entering the promotional code ’1882?!

With Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Tony Galvin, Paul Miller, Graham Roberts, Garry Brooke, Tony Parkes, George Mazzon and Peter Shreeve

They were the last great Spurs team. A tight-knit group of London lads laced with Latin creativity, Yorkshire grit and Scottish genius, playing for a few hundred quid a week and the glory of putting on the Tottenham shirt. They won two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup together, they went drinking together and they appeared on Top of the Pops together. They were The Boys From White Hart Lane.

Renowned Tottenham authors Martin Cloake and Adam Powley have tracked down their childhood heroes to produce a book of wonderfully vivid and candid interviews with ten members of the team including Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa.

It is a book that not only opens the doors of the White Hart Lane dressing room during this iconic period for the club, but takes the reader back in time to a football world before Premier League, multi-billionaire foreign owners and millionaire reserve players sitting on the bench in yellow boots and headbands.

Packed with insight, revelations and wonderful stories – including the training ground prank which saw a player break his toe on a breeze block, the all-night drinking session in Swaziland and the story of how Ossie dented the FA Cup – The Boys From White Hart Lane is an intimate and eye-opening portrait of the men who put the glory back into Spurs. .

“A cracking read. This is the real story of the greatest team I played in – and had the honour of captaining – and it’s full of stories even I didn’t know.”
Steve Perryman

“A nostalgic trawl through the 1980s”
Daily Mirror

“A terrific book”
BBC Radio London

“A compelling examination of one of the great Spurs teams, written with great authority, insight and humour. A worthy additon to the growing canon of fine Spurs literature.”
Paolo Hewitt

Don’t Forget When Ordering

You can claim an ADDITIONAL 20% HH discount on any Vision books by entering the promotional code ’1882?!

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