Arry For Ancelotti Swap Is Very Definitely On

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On the way back home from a wedding that I can barely describe using words I was listening to the radiogram in the Roller and Cheatski fans in some number (well I heard 3) wanted to swap our Arry for Carlo Ancelotti.

This rendered me very close to speechless right up until of course the point where I began speaking again.

I am not an Arry out merchant. Yes – there is bundle of things wrong with him, but it did get me thinking. My perspective on, ‘so and so out!’ has always been the same: Cool – so who then?

Depressing isn’t the word. ODM uses the phrase, ‘careful what you wish for’ and this ain’t said lightly by him. He’s seen it.  Let the shipwrecks of others indeed be your marker in the storm. Rafa out = Uncle Roy in. The unabridged litany of examples within our own walls give the Bindippers a genuine run for their money.

Ancelotti is an intelligent, thoughtful,  top draw serial winner both as a player and as manager. His term at Chelsea has been plagued on all fronts. Injury, age and owner interference have dogged him this season at SecondHand Fridge.

If there is a chance of him being insanely dumped by Ibramovich then this is the next man for us. Sick of shoulder shrugging and twitching? Get a man with an eyebrow action that would shame Roger Moore in. Not a competent crisis manager, but a winner.

I’m serious.

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  • AFelching says:

    The twat is on MOTD2 lets see what the tosser has to say :winke:

  • bob says:

    Please let this be true.I dont care what no one says.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Bob, you are officially the best contributor ever. I’m not kidding. Conveying sincerity is tough online :shifty:

  • AFelching says:

    Why couldn’t we find a little pea instead of four streaks of piss?

  • hotspurhartley says:

    I would happlily swap Arry for Ancelotti, in fact I would happily swap Arry for a second hand fridge…… :winke:

  • AFelching says:

    Confirmed, did you see him trying to control his twitch and blinking uncontrollably whilst saying Carlo is doing a Triffic job :-p

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