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Good morning sports fans.

I feel I’m owed about 27 goals from these occasionally shiftless chancers and shall be having one of those more than 2.5 goal bets. This is probably about 5/2 and in event of it coming in I can then begrudge having to shell out so much to see a return and in the event of it not happening it will inspire unchecked anger.

There isn’t too much to say in advance of a fixture that we ought to win handsomely for so many reasons. J**** was in The Evening Standard with a piece to me that smacked of blow softening.

He reveals that we’ve not done well against rubbish clubs, that if you are involved in the Europa Cup you play on Thursdays and Sundays and that we haven’t won at Anfield since 1993. He’s like a crappiest Magic 8 Ball ever. But then at this stage in the proceedings the rehearsed speeches explaining failure are written, simply being fine tuned, eh?

So armed with this gems how will our intrepid contestants fare in this week’s Crystal Maze? Blackpool having nothing to lose. Nothing. There may be talk of abandoned fairy tales, there may be comparisons made with ‘wounded beasts’. I want a win and a convincing one. Blackpool are rubbish and that’s not our problem.

Part of me wishes I wasn’t backing a goal-fest, but was in on the big scam. A crack at the old ‘irregular betting’ one with Holloway taking all 3 points at 10/1. The one where the ‘Seasiders’ throw their buts and spades up in the air at full time. The one were we swerve the Europa and we concentrate on winning a domestic pot and 4th spot next time around.


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  • Geordie Spur says:

    Its not over till its over, citeh to fall flat today then their arses will drop out!

  • 2pointsfrom8games says:

    recall all the stiffs from on loan and play them, along with the kids on channel 5. great experience for them and keeps the A team fresh for the assualt on 4th spot

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I was thinking the same in the car earlier listening to Kevin Bond on Talksport and we actually have a Europa squad there – why waste Bale, Modders etc.

      18 fecking games that competition. 18. That is a league on top of a league.

      O’Hara, Keane, Jenas – all the scraps. Let ’em have it. Levy & Co would love it as it might actually put a few quid on the scroats’ value.

      • jerkinmahjurgen says:

        It’s 15 to win the CL anyway I think. Poor, poor excuses and attitudes. The Europa would be great for just that, giving youngsters games and helping to keep a big squad happier. I’m seething at this ‘not good enough for us’ crap! Who the f*** are Tottenham? Honestly! Can’t get 4th when we’ve had so many chances… Yet we’re too good for 5th?! Does it show up our scouts or something? Not knowing anything about the opposition in far off countries? Cheap.

        • nicktheyid says:

          the difference is 3 games but also about £12m? i seem to recall sevila getting about £8m when they won it under wendy

      • snuftywoof says:

        i agree Harry look how well Danny Rose played yesterday we have some really good youngsters out there i would love to see Harry Kane get a chance too Crouch again was crap when he came on he can be captain of Europa Thursday team keep him out of the A team please

  • legoverlass says:

    Saggy to play Crouchie and the master tactic to be ” Gomez to hit long balls to him in the hope that after the 434 times he fouls or falls over with multiple limbs dangling in all sorts of places the Blackpool players will allow him to score one as token of sympathy”.. in the meantime Saggy will take the rest of the players off for a jolly to the races so that he can see his gee gees.. which is more important to him anyway.. plus with most of the better ones leaving in the summer and Saggy looking for an excuse to go before he is booted ..what is the point of it all

  • Geordie Spur says:

    Nowt like an upbeat attitude lads, sure your not cheatski fans in disguise?

  • Backed a goal feast HH.

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