Date: 24th May 2011 at 11:31pm
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The name Ceballos has been whizzing around the Internet and from what Guillem Balague has to say, I’d go easy on the cries of, ‘He is The Messiah – I should know, I’ve followed a few!’

Physically resembling a sparrow, wheezy, weak, hunchbacked and fighting an ongoing battle with rickets the young product of the Barca Acadamy has also trained with and they would only offer him a Reserves Contract.

I exaggerate his physical disadvantages of course, but one of the reasons he will be let go is that he is slight of build. Even by Barcelona’s standards. Mind you, he is apparently hugely talented with a football.¬† Just¬† perhaps not very successful when partcipating in anything that requires ‘jostling’.

He’s on free and cheap to feed. If we are wasting our time on a sober version of Dos Santos but with an eating disorder I guess it is better to do so now rather than the last day of the window.

Is it just me or does scouting look easy? Klose is on a free this summer – for example and we’re looking at someone who if they don’t develop a booze habit might come good in three or four years time – who Cheatski didn’t want.