Gerald Ratner Confirmed As New Spurs Manager

Let me tale you a tale.

There once was a jeweller by the name of Gerald Ratner. Gerald had not one jewellery shop but lots. He rewrote the rulebook for jewellery retail. He piled ’em high and he sold ’em cheap. His shops had big gawdy posters in their windows and he employed his East End market stall techniques on the High Streets of Britain, boldly offering cut price schmutter.

One day in 1991, Gerald woke up, went to work as usual and then toddled off to make a speech at the Institute of Directors. Unfortunately that was the very day Gerald –  a pioneering and successful businessman – lost his ******* mind.

He stood before his peers and revealed that his jewellery was “total crap!” He went on say that that some of the earrings his shops sold were “cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldn’t last as long!”.

By the time Gerald got home, he discovered that single handed he had wiped £500M off the value of his company.

And so to ‘IdiotGate’.

It beggars belief that Redschnapps has done a Ratner. It is stunningly obtuse for him to question his customers’ right of reply. He’s paid handsomely for managing a football club who’s fan’s constantly want more. He lives in unmitigated luxury doing a job that many dream of doing.

He swans about in top of the range motors and hand finished suits watching his mobile phone bleep while there are people in the NHS caring for incontinent pensioners in exchange annually for what he earns in a week.

It’s bewilderingly arrogant of him to call those that dare to call a radio station to voice their dissatisfaction, ‘idiots’.

I’ve made no secret about how I feel. I think on balance he’s done a good job. But his comments aren’t welcomed by anyone. Not by his supporters nor by his detractors.

Dead man squawking.


  1. Time we got rid. His good eye is on the england job. But who do we want in?? Moyes? Don’t really pay enough attention to the tofeemen. do they really play good enough football for us? Hes probably waiting fir united. Levy must be wondering, cause I ain’t got a clue!

  2. Anyone who calls up Adrian Durham or the like to moan about a manager who has the record Redknapp has at Spurs IS an idiot.
    Also it’s brilliant we have a manager who is a real person and speaks truth instead of pandering to morons.
    My support for him has gone up because of this.
    I’m not Jamie Redknapp or a gooner. I’m a Spurs fan of 26 years who can remember when we had idiot managers and not just idiot fans.

      1. u r an idiot,in his first season we were bottom wen he took over,that season we just missed out on europe,his first full season he finishes 4th,3rd season 5th,thats not bad

  3. There’s a difference between an interview and writing in to Points of View jerkinmahjurgen.

  4. He is a good manager. However, other good managers don’t start slating any dissenting voices amongst their supporters, they don’t allow themselves to be drawn.
    Sometimes it pays not write the headlines for your favorite hacks.

    1. No he is not…Its no coincidence that all his former clubs are now relegated. He is a relegation battler. Thats all.

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