‘He Wants To Go Back Oop North, Ideally To Liverpool’

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Oh what  A Lovely War. There is an allegation being made on FTL message board that Azza Blud wants out. The post itself is from ‘Rabbi Crackers’ and is as follows:

sorry cant put any meat on the bones as it will compromise who told me (and the board is read by spurs) wants to go to back up north with liverpool his preferred option.

i dont normally put stuff up like this only when i know it to be solid info. [sic sic siccity sic]
Two immediate thoughts from me. One is that these Azza having an insatiable attraction with the north tales –  hot footing it up there at weekends etc – have been doing the rounds for the last few years and nothing has ever come of them.
The second thing is that the two stories to have emerged in the past week or so are the one about a Man Utd mega bid for Modders and this one. What I understand is that the Modders one is true, but the player is extremely unlikely to entertain it and the Azza Blud one is just made up cobblers.
Let’s hope this is the case, eh?

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  • Fatfish says:

    Maybe it’s PSB wanting to play for his boyhood club again?

    Modders & Azza are among a handful of players that we need to keep this summer. Add to that Daws, Gallas, BAE, Bale, Sandro, Thudd & VDV.

    Selling any of those would send the wrong message to the rest and to us.

    • toddspur says:

      spot on FF

    • borris says:

      Ill probly get slaughtered for this cos hes a yido.. but thudd needs to be careful!.. sandro and modders is a hell of pairing!

      • Yid says:

        And you better believe we’ll be seriously competing for Parker’s signature. Seeing a lot of Jamie Redknapp sitting with Scotty Parker when he’s injured in the stands. And we all know how successful an advocate Jamie is to his dad.

    • Enorme Nuez says:

      Azza leaves Ashley Young cometh.

  • lilywhitemike says:

    thudd can go, he’s a decent enough player but we’ve a better option in Sandro now. £10m would be a good amount for him i reckon.

    • toddspur says:

      miles off

      Thudd is pure and utter class. You cant compare Sandro and Thudd I’m afraid, polar opposites. Why would you sell the ONLY two-footed player in the PL??? Madness

      We need to keep BOTH.

      Those we can afford to let go are (IMO):

      Peanut (on a good contract now so may attract 5m+ offers)
      Palacios (he’s your ‘comparable’ to Sandro)

      Others that I wouldnt lose any sleep over (but would prefer they stayed):


      • Fatfish says:

        Toddspur. Have to take issue with Thudd being the only two footed player in the PL. Most of Lee Cattermole’s tackles are two footed. :whistle:

      • astromesmo says:

        Keep Sandro, Modders, Thudd, Sandro, Daws, Azza, the Kylies, Sandro, Modders, Bale, Modders, Sandro, BAE, Broadway Danny, VDV, Livermore, Caulker, Boutros Boutros Townsend, Cuddles, Kaboom, Bassoon, Gallas, Modders and… Errr, Sandro. Oh and get Harry Kane back from the far east and see if he can cut it pre-season. Did I say Sandro?

        I think that’s it?

        • tottenhamtony says:

          astromesmo that’s an impressive squad but we are only allowed 25 – maybe send omne of the Kylies back to daytime TV?

        • astromesmo says:

          He should be so lucky!… Geddit? Oh, suit yourselves!

        • sniftywoof says:

          yeah boy Kanecould be our answer

        • Acton_Yid says:

          In the interest of accurately reflecting Crouch’s *true* nature, I would rename him “3MC” = 3 metre cheater…hehe.

      • boon says:

        blonde moment: whos psb and 3mp?

        • tottenhamtony says:

          PSB is Robbie Keane – pointy shouty bloke because that’s all he does now – was very good once though and did a good job for us at West Ham.
          3mp is Crouchy – I think it is a mobile phone reference due to his lack of mobility.

        • slime says:

          3 meter Peter

        • MaddySpurs says:

          3MP = 3 Metre Peter. He’s quite tall apparently.

        • Yidango says:

          Three Metre Peter…

        • Schutzpah says:

          3 miles per

        • Brycie says:

          Welcome to the party

        • tottenhamtony says:

          thanks for the correction – I feel such a fool – although I thought he was much taller than 3meters

        • LosLorenzo says:

          I always thought of it as 3 Meter ‘pole, as in beanpole.

          My favorite nickname for Crouchy has got to be “competition winner Crouch”. That’s what we called him when he was on the youth team, on account of his out-of-place appearance next to his young teammates in team photos.

    • rickyvillasluckyundercrackers says:

      Man, you crazy!

    • Devonshirespur says:

      What utter rubbish.

      If you advocate Sandro & Modric as your top pair then what happens if/when injury strikers….JJ or Wilson? Bring back O’Hara?

      Huddlestone is an essential part of the squad, a totally different type of player to Sandro (as different as Fletcher is to Scholes) and will play a massive part in next season

  • tottenhamtony says:

    Selll Thud – r u mad – Bale and Lennon have been starved of the ball since his injury – drop of form of the team whilst he is injured – coincidence – I don’t think so.
    Personally I would play him alongside Modders and Sandro with Bale and Lennon wide with a new lone striker – sorry no place for VDV.

    • borris says:

      thudd is the not the player sandro will be!(nowhere near).. and this will happen next year.

    • Mark says:

      If Thudd plays you correct tottenhamtony that Modders and Sandro must play alogside him with Bale and Lennon wide. Thudd has one weakness he is a bit slow so would be scared to play him in a 4 4 2 formation.

  • Si says:

    Totally agree Tottenham Tony…

    Thud is essential to us, his passing ability alone is worth ten mil and his shooting? at least another 10. Spurs won’t sell him…
    We need a guy upfront who can bang them in and hold it up. Simple.

    • astromesmo says:

      I think we should put an ad in the paper and the Exchange & Mart saying exactly that.

      “Wanted. Man upfront who can bang them in and hold it up. Apply 748 High Rd, Tottenham.”


      • Fatfish says:

        What if the only applicant is one Mr A Adebayor?

        I’d offer him a job.

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I’d love Adebayor if only to shame the low rent scum that sang that hilarious elephant washing number. I wouldn’t even cared if he scored.

        • astromesmo says:

          Sadly, yes… In the twinkling of an eye. And his arch-Nemesis Drogba. I’d happily go and pick them both up and might even throw in a fry-up en route.

        • Nicktheyid says:

          Who’s to say that members of said family do not wash elephants? I washed my own trunk only this morning

    • sniftywoof says:

      you mean 1 shot every 15 games and 2 goals a season or was it only 1 this campaign get real Sandro looks like a future captain remindes me of Brazil Captain Socrates

  • Frankspur says:

    Anyone who thinks thudd should be let go is an idiot in my view.he is pure class, and his distribution is vital and second to none. 10 mil, please don’t make me laugh, you must be a gooner.

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