Latest Spoof Shirts Leaked!

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Good afternoon.

Today has been awash with crude photo-shoppery. I am confident that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here then are my preferred choices. Perhaps readers might like to share their views on what they might hope for or even knock up and share their own work.

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  • Jerard says:

    HAHAHAHA….Berbaflop didn’t even make the bench for tonight’s final…so much for wanting Champions league football :-)

  • forhodssake says:

    Not sure whether to order a shirt with Bellend (Bellamy) on the back, or Benitez.

    Whatdya think?

  • david says:

    BARCA – What a team.
    If Rooney is World class, what is Messi ?

  • locospur says:

    with his team not involved in champions league for the last two months, arsen wenger had to throw his 2 cents in by saying “barca are on their knees”. the man is relentless in trying to make people laugh at himself.

    • david says:

      How long before he repeats L’Arse would have beat Barca if RVP had not been sent off ?
      There is a lot of gloating from other teams supporters on Man U boards tonight but the truth is, that Barca team can humiliate any side.

      • emspurs says:

        i actually feel lucky that i get to watch them. how often does that happen?

        • david says:

          Me too. A bit like when the Real Madrid team of Zidane Figo and Ronaldo were at their best but this Barca team are younger and the skys the limit if they carry on improving.
          Shudder to think how we would cope with them.

  • DAVSPURS says:

    Have we seen the first nuclear power station playing Football the answer Yes. The shirts are not real Harry i thought AMOUR had taken over the shirts this year.

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