Date: 31st May 2011 at 5:34pm
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Good evening and don’t shoot the messenger.

Rummaging through cyber dustbins can be a mixed bag alright. Never more so than today it seems. First the unsettling quotes earlier and now from ’s agent Adrian Aliaj has told in response to questions about Niko – and I quote…

I still have to confront with , which has not yet decided whether to divest or not Niko. I guess it all depends on what will , where the have received several offers and are considering selling it.Its future, however, depends on its society, which has a long contract, even though Niko wants to play with more continuity to avoid losing the national team

Even allowing for the translation glitches, this is straightforward enough. Nico wants to play aside from any other reasons to ensure his International spot. He’s happy enough with us but if Modders went that would effect his decision.

Modders’ contract is to 2016 and so any offers will of course have to be hefty. Look, it would have been beyond to think nobody was interested and this simply confirms that there is.

*puts mum’s colander on head and hides behind settee*