Date: 24th May 2011 at 7:05pm
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News just in – well sort of – is that the stellar footballing talent that is Adam has been subject to a 60% off discount.

You will recall of course for two reasons. We supposedly placed an eleventh hour comedy bid for him in the January window. I say comedy but it was actually a s funny as nailing one’s genitalia to a burning building whilst listening to Celene Dion played very, very loudly.

The second reason is that he was the bloke who midway through a football match against us appeared to don an invisible Walkman and then dance to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ by Chubby Checker. On Gareth Bale’s ankle.

This is the man who essentially mounted their nearly not shambolic campaign around. That was until last January of course and the whole ‘Liverpool & are in for Charlie’ trickled around the Tangerine’s dressing room like the canine and indeed human urine does around lampposts.

So; was some thing ridiculous like £12million now £4million. Apparently this includes shipping and a copy of ‘Ollies Jollies’ – A side splitting DVD that promises a side-ways glance at life through the eyes of visionary and funny man, Ian Holloway as he meets the people of accompanied only by a camera crew, 6 minders and three Alsations.

So what say you? Cheap at three times the price or simply a plinth we should still well clear of? I’m still undecided.