Spurs Silence Squealing Scousers [+highlights]

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What a day for a day dream. Not only do we do the Bindippers in there own back yard [and might I add pretty comprehensively] but West Ham are relegated. Officially no longer amongst us. Get in. Merson thinks Fibreglass is off and Aunty Wenger’s days are numbered. Ho hum.

Our lot did well today. Very well. Ratings in the am. Here’s our goals, tuck in.

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  • Chrispurs says:

    1st………that’s all.

  • notsohotspurs says:

    Shocking……Harry out

    • toddspur says:

      agreed; he’s hopeless isnt he

      I mean really, how can such an inept, tactical clueless manager go to the form side in thr PL and make them look crap

      Lets bin him and get a new manager in who will see us back where we are used to being :dizzy: :dizzy2: :hae:

      • jim says:

        absolutely, how dare he in the season we make our champions league debut go and take us to our joint second best ever EPL finish ( if we stay 5th ), what a joker

  • Jim Barnett says:

    2nd is nothing

  • 2 points from 8 games says:

    I hope this gives a sense of reality for the VDV detractors. He needs a preseason to get fit but he has had an outstanding first year. I remember gooners writing off Pires and Bergkamp as they had an average start to their Prem careers and they turned out pretty well. If VDV only gets better – which we should expect – he is going to be some player for our beloved side.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’m also more than a bit ‘troubled’ by the whole VdV out! crowd.

      • SpurredoninDublin says:

        Over my side of the water, the banks want bail out.

        Seriously though, there is no doubting the quality of VDV, but I think the tactical experiment of building a 4-5-1 (4-4-1-1) around him has not worked because we don’t have a striker who can lead the line on his own. When he plays for Holland, he play with two strikers in front of him.

        I recall HR talking about how unbalanced the team was when he took over, and building the team around VDV with one striker has brought back that imbalance.

        I can understand those people who say VDV out, but only insofar as they don’t see him as a victim of HR’s tactical experiment.

      • jfdit says:

        he’s a real class act but the crouch/vdv show has now been rumbled by all & sundry. We need a drogba type forward to bully centre halves to create space for the dutch genius

        We simply have to get a top class striker who he can play behind end of story, until we do that we’ll be also rans.

        I hate to say it but the bulgarian rat would fit the bill

        • kojac says:

          crouch is shit as we all know but i think harry reckons he is genuinely good

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Rather than make digs at people who expressed concern, it might be worth mentioning that some of the concerns were and are still valid.

          For example, as jfdit says, “the crouch/vdv show has now been rumbled by all & sundry”.

          As I have repeatedly said, the guy is a walking injury. See 52nd minute substitution.

          Also, whilst the quality of the video doesn’t prove/disprove anything regarding the finish, I distinctly heard Alan Smith mention the slight nick/deflection. This is obviously part of VdV’s genius, yet to the detriment of say, Pavlyuchenko, another player who has his detractors.

          Also, for those who chose to complain frequently these past few weeks about “cheating refs” and “how unlucky we’ve been with refs etc.”, Pienaar’s barge into Flanagan and subsequent plant into the ground is no penalty in my book. Like incidents prior to our bad run, here’s another example of the green rubbing our way. Had the game remained a 1 goal game, who knows what would have happened (Copyright Harry Redknapp).

          Not wishing to entirely detract from the result, that makes it 2 wins from 14 games. So all is well again, it seems, according to the “Harry in” mob :dizzy2:

        • astromesmo says:

          I’m still none the wiser Mysterioso… Are you happy or sad that we won today? :hae:

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Astro, a win for Spurs is always pleasing. However, there’s nothing worse than reading a bunch of smart arsed comments from people who choose to use one result to make their snide jibes at any of us (and there seem to be more than Harry’s mythical 0.1% of idiots) that aren’t happy with how we’ve played/capitulated/been managed these past months.

          Perspective is often needed, and I am always happy to assist. :whistle:

        • jfdit says:

          I’m gutted about this season MS, a friggin wasted opportunity to get right in amongst the cartel and shake things up big time

          we’ll look back and think we blew it in a few months, whether ‘arry is the right man to take us forward is debatable – he’s got a lot to say – not all worth listening to. Does he go to jail? Does he get the england gig? neither option is good news for us in terms of forward planning and developing the team.

          Allegedly Levy’s PR people tried to gag him with the press pre season and he told them to fuck off – so make of that what you will?

        • astromesmo says:

          I’m really glad. It sounded for a minute like you’d found out the cat had died!

          Perspective is a really good thing. I talk about it a lot and I get called a ridiculous optimist and have people crack funny gags about ‘When I’ll be logging on to spin something positive’.

          Perspective is a bitch.

  • DubaiSpur says:

    What? What is this? Spurs, with a bigger number of goals scored than their worthy adversary over ninety minutes? Three points, you say? No clumsy Daws tackles? No GK howlers? No wasted free-kicks from VdV? no, this…this isn’t possible..this isn’t Spurs.. This feeling…a mixture of happiness and relief….it’s unnatural…am I dreaming?…a win..this isn’t the Spurs way, winning..Harry out…

    • dancingbarber says:

      Surprising isn’t it. Harry masterminded a tactical and strategic plan to rip apart and despatch the in form Euro heroes led by the magical maestro King Kenny playing the striker Harry rejected as not a patch on VDV. Redemption is the glory. Now shutta the f… up you idiots !

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