Spurs Supremo Issues Suicide Threat

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I’ve no doubt that Arry takes this job seriously, I just wish he’d engage his brain before sharing his East End homespun witless wisdom with us. “I’m going to go and commit suicide, it’s so sad…”

Nobody likes being patronised yet this clown manages to have a swipe at the good and learned folk that pay his wages virtually every time he gives a postmatch quote.

The shoulder shrugging needs to go. The ‘What can I do?’ needs to go. Stop fannying us about and get rid of those not up to the task and replace them with those that are. What top end managers persevere with under performers? Name an example to me?

He talks to us like he’s the West Ham manager and we’re West Ham fans . Despite this good works, unless he demonstrates some minerals and intent – trust me – this scenario can be swiftly made real.

8 A pretty damn fine performance. A stellar save and very much in the same vein of form as when we bought him. More please, Carlo.

5 Simply too inconsistent for me to be first choice right back, but then his competitor for the place is the rock star Begbie. Too slow, too predictable.

7 Another decent performance apart from the insane challenge that nearly resulted in a penalty and me hitting a high note Freddie Mercury would have been proud of.

7.9 His header off the line was another reason to vote ‘Billy’ in the forthcoming elections. He’s a soldier, he’s a man, he’s a chieftan, he’s a… repeat ’til fade.

6.9 I like this guy  lot. He’s made of the right stuff and wants to move up the pitch every time he’s involved in play.I like that.

8 Much more like it, unfortunately he had no one any good to pass to when he got there. Like Modders he badly needs some quality around him.

9 Wonderous. People use the phrase, ‘He put a shift in’ and Sandro epitomises Bill Nick’s words about coming off the pitch having given it all. Credit to the firm.

9 The absolute manic depressive in me can’t see him staying. I actually think if he went, it would hurt me more than any splitter that came before him.

5.7 Difficult to be critical when you know how much class this guy has, but sometimes he looks like a a tubby burn – out. My fear is that you rest him and you let in Jenas…

5.9 Really enjoy the Sarge and Sandro on the pitch together. He was fighting fires last night. Those Manchester City boys have been going down the gym.

-1 Father, lover, imbecile.

2 Impact sub my bottom.

6 I’ll be honest I don’t know why we bought him. But he was at them last night and credit where it’s due. Not Champions League class and that is where we should be shopping.

More disinformation that a bad line to an outsourced overseas call centre. Arry needs to stop whining and get spending. Crouch is poo. Defoe has become poo. Bring in Scotty Parker, see if I care, but stop mucking about and land two decent strikers.


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  • Aaron says:

    I actually think we played well last night, other than the strikers. VdV had a few shots, but each wide or over. Also, every free kick we have hits the wall, that does my head in. Think Rose is looking like he’ll be our Ashley Cole. Next year, I’d have, Walker, Daws, Gallas (Kaboul if Gallas is tired) and Rose, even though I like BAE.

    • Jazz15c says:

      Yep, I’ll have some of that too. Rose looks assured, doesn’t boom it long constantly, puts in a shift, and (as yet) doesn’t seem to suffer from sporadic brain farts…I wonder if he could play in goal too??? ;)

  • Brycie says:

    Nonsense BAE left back Rose as back up A decent right back plus Joe Cole Rmid , Gary Cahill and Daws at the back Mod VDV centre mid Boy Bale Left and Messi and Villa up front oh And Pav in goals!!!

  • Spurchrisd says:

    Perhaps Redknapp needs someone to assist him in his death wish by shooting him? Just don’t ask our strikers.

  • hoopspur says:

    Our strikers really had ’em shitting themselves! Funnily enough, right up to the final whistle I thought we could sneak 1 (or 2!).

    City? – no wonder there were empty seats. Either says a lot about them (or us!).

  • Superspurs says:

    Fingers crossed he makes good on his promise :)

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