Stop Me If You’ve Heard It… Prattle

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Good morning. Liverpool away, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. Yeah right.

At the very least we’re in for a treat of a pantomime. The matinee is the Dame Comolli starring in ‘The Wrong [Director’s] Box’ and then the 4pm show stars Arold Redschnapps in ‘How To Draw Games & Rubbish People [That Pay Your Wages]’.

Liverpool’s form is tip top. The biggest comeback since Lazarus. If the Bindippers enjoy anything more than looking short changed it’s winning.

The Tottinghams by contrast have been bumbling about like that bloke off that new Yellow Pages advert. Wandering about looking overly earnest to such an extent that within seconds nobody givesĀ  flying puck if he finds what he’s looking for or not.

Dalglish’s revival is built on upon home form that is equalled by City only bettered by Yanited and Cheatski. I hope we win but expect us not to. What I’d like if we can’t win is a passionate performance from the team and a brief, upbeat soundbite from our manager.


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  • onedavemackay says:

    It won’t surprise me if we turn up today as we usually do against the big boys.

    Of course were we to win there would be a further avalanche of “Why can’t we mash the rubbish at the bottom?”

  • onedavemackay says:

    Can I apologise for using the word ‘bottom’ so early on a Sunday.

    No offence meant.

  • TMWNN says:

    I think the post match interview will be more entertaining (in a toe curling embarrassing way) than the game itself.

    I’m hoping for some searching questions from the interviewer followed by Redknapp spontaneously combusting.

    2-0 to the dippers.

  • DubaiSpur says:

    Pfft. We will benefit from a wonder goal by Lennon, who will run to Redknapp only to be sprayed with spittle and vague instructions to mark Suarez. We will then proceed to sacrifice two goals by half-time, fight courageously in the second, and then go down when Gomes fumbles a goal-kick into his own net. Harry will then treat us to an eloquent dissertation on why this season was a rip-roaring wonder-world and how he is solely responsible for it, which will mainly consist of the numbers ‘2’ and ‘8’ and the word ‘from’ in between.

  • Spurchrisd says:

    Last season we went up there with all to play for. What happened? We got humped. Dinner money taken, a couple of dead arms and a wedgie.
    And that was us trying.

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