The Return Of Zokora!

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You can’t keep a good man down.

That’s what she said.

It has emerged from sources in Italy that the old boy is very possibly set for a return to the Premiership. Unfortunately, or fortunately dependent upon how you care to call it, it is unlikely to be to Tottingham. It’s Steve Bruce’s Sunderland who are the suggested destination.

He was the frustrating player of all times. He had speed – but was fitted with a device that made him fall over the closer he got to the opposition’s penalty area. He had a hell of a shot in him –  but his shooting was nothing shy of bizarre. No matter how much time he had his shots were uniform. They all went into outer space.

Didier will be included in football’s Soccerthaurus™
Zokora n. (Zock-horror) Ivorian device for removing pigeons from stadium rooves.

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  • Peter says:

    Hahahaha. Nice one!

  • goonbasher says:

    lol, he did have a touch of the freunds about him. You know he’ll probably bag a gem playing against us next season if this transfer comes off !

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Doo doo doo, ah, happy unsuccessful days …

  • Billy Fiore says:

    Never liked him since that blatant, embarassing dive against Portsmouth.

    • LosLorenzo says:

      You must not like Bale very much, if you’re willing to write off a whole person for one bit of theatrics. Mr. Flops-about-pounding-the-ground-in-agony-with-his-fist.

      Has anyone on this blog ever been tackled so hard on a soccer pitch that they couldn’t contain themselves from screaming out and slapping the floor? I’ve received two minor fractures playing footie. On both occasions I cursed once, quite loud but not Kaboul’s-goal-at-emptycrates loud, and that was about it (at least until I got home and had my girlfriend to listen to my whinging).

      • Spurs_est1882 says:

        Did it once playing Rugby. Made a tackle and my ankle turned under me just as the 20st guy ran into me. didnt break it but tore all the tendents. That usually hurts more.

  • UnkleKev says:

    Very possibly the worst player to pull on a Spurs shirt in my lifetime. If Harry has accomplished nothing else since his time here, at least he got rid of this clown. Now if he can just show ***** the same door …

    • George says:

      The worst player to don a Spurs shirt was and always will be Steffan Iverssen.

      • Jay says:

        He was excellent when ever he played in central defence which I remember was on a few occasions, excellent defensively, just couldnt pass or shoot, he was excellent in the Cup final against Chelsea though even if he did miss that sitter.

        No where near our worst player, Jenas was worse than him when they played together, my award for worst player who played consistently for us has to be David Bentley…….awful everytime he has played, slows down the tempo something awful

      • MalSpurs says:

        Anthony Gardner?

      • Peter says:

        Guess you’re thinking of Steffen Iversen. Can’t agree with you on that on cause he did actually score a few goals and didn’t cost all that much! Sergei Rebrov, Justin Edinburgh, Andy Sinton, we have a few flops, but Iversen could have been if it wasn’t for all those injuries. …and Ronny Rosenthal, not the brightest star that one either..

      • UnkleKev says:

        Iversen once scored four goals in one game up at Roker Park. Ergo, you’re wrong.

      • Andy says:

        Jason Dozzell.

        Defence rests

      • Smurffee says:

        Jason Dozzell is a good shout, but in all the years of watching some real dross at The Lane I would suggest Paolo Tramezzani or Stuart Never(again)cott or “Don’t give it to” Justin Edinburgh. Proper-shockers they were

        • aaron says:

          Worst players of my lifetime (in no particular order)

          Gascoigne, Linekar, Klinsmann, Ginola, Sheringham, Anderton and a genuine shout – Lee Young-Pyo

        • dancingbarber says:

          I know they didn’t last long, but Andy Booth or Rasiak are winners of that competition.

      • Brycie says:

        Gregor as Rasiak?

      • nicktheyid says:

        paolo tramazani or tramadol as i called im.

      • Ronnie says:

        1. Peter Crouch…worst and least talented ever!
        2. Jenas…

      • Dave says:

        One. Ginger. Pele.

      • Epic says:

        Helder Postiga

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