11 O’Clocker – Damiao TBC In A Matter Of Days…

Image for 11 O’Clocker – Damiao TBC In A Matter Of Days…

Good evening fight fans.

Wasn’t planning a closing time special ce soir [that is your actual French, that is] but the source is as near golden. It is simply a work permit holding up this guy doing one of them ‘hold the shirt up and confess a childhood love’ speeches.

Is he any good? Mde De Hotspur says I have of late been on the bullying side of bullish. She says he should be given a chance. I say she’s right to her boat and behind it, but the fact remains his YouTubage is dire.

Monies? I don’t know, how could I know? I am but a child in these matters, a mere innocent. Any more than €12M and we’ve been interfered wiv.

Good night.

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