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Ordinarily I would swerve such… loony tune adoration in a headline. And as much as I want a new WHL messiah as fast as the rest of you, I actually think this guy has wit, personality and imagination. In sufficient quantities to perhaps distinguish himself.

@windycoys is more than well worth bookmarking as far as our youngsters go, by the way.

But I like Rose. I like him because I  ‘like him’ and I like him because I instinctively see him as Tottenham. One of us. Our tribe.


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  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Just attempting a spot of cock-blocking :freu

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      Victory is mine :cop:

      Now, my next trick involves reading what you wrote, Harry. :ermm:

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    He “slipped” it past the keeper :blush:

  • Nicktheyid says:

    Rose could be a good player, looked accomplished beyond his years in those last few games at the end of the season, will definitely save us splashing out on a left back. Has anyone else thought that the guy Sturridge slipped through the net at city? Apparently the highest paid teenager when he moved to Chelsea 50 k a week ?but he does look the part, could be a top top player

    • Aaron says:

      Yeah, I feel like Sturridge is going to be some player, same with Muamba for me, and our own little Rose of course.

  • wembleyspurs says:

    I think Rose and Sandro were absolute revelations at the end of the season games. Rose has a lot to learn still as a left back but the more he plays the better he will become. In my opinion Sandro is the player we have needed to strengthen our midfield and protect our defence. Him and Modders central midfield, why even look at Parker (as good as he is) and co…Lets concentrate on top class strikers, a right back and cover for daws. Brad is more than good enough for the coming season to get us champs league.

  • South upper says:

    hunger..I like to see a player with a bit of hunger..untouched by the trappings of mega wealth..and wants to play football and that showed in the games he played at the back end of the season….We would see so many more younger player come in if given the chance…Exp is a wonderful thing but if your not playing at the top level coming back off loan at a championship club may give you mins on the pitch but it does not get you upto speed in the prem…If we are ever going to win the prem again its going to be built on the tottenham foundation and i want to see the young players with fire in the belly like what happend at united…blend of youth and exp………

    • ken e winks says:

      Thats the spirit. And ’tis what its all about, which is the reason, among others why MancJOKECLUBciteh etc can win all they want between little slurps on Arabian balls. Though Danny has looked a bundle of fun i can’t help thinking theres a new rhyming slang on the horizon… We’ve been Dannyed…as in Danny Rose, exposed. He was at fault away at City asleep at the corner that led to the goal and some ironing out needs to be done. His sudden transformation from attacker/winger to full back is all a bit overwhelming to me. Bristol city fans said they’ve had a left back problem yet never was Danny tried when on loan, and i don’t think EVER at youth level Spurs either. Proceed, time will tell. He is Leeds as well. Sorry, now i feel like Buzz Killington.

      • ken e winks says:

        Great goal though, and what the fuck was Martin tyler doing suggesting it could have been Rodwells? I didn’t think he was a prick. Wrong.

        • Aaron says:

          Haha, you often seem to say what I think, in a far more harsh manner. How did he string along any amount of commentary with regards to who’s goal that was? It was so obviously Danny’s that I can’t see any feasible reason for him mentioning it.

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