11 O’Clocker: Mark Hughes

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Oh my days and good evening my dears. Is she or isn’t she?

Tonight the specter of Mark Hughes looms above White Hart Lane. This isn’t ITK as such but pin back yer eyelids and I’ll tell you what’s on offer.

I was told a solicitor in Cobham was convinced that our beloved Arry had just finalized the appropriate paper work in relation to a move to Second Hand Fridge. That was this morning.

Naturally I viewed this as  suspect. Not because of the source – he’s 100% kosher – but because it fits in with that whole red top back page made it up bit. You know what I mean.

But then the Villa have come out and said, ‘No thanks’ to Sparky Marky Hughesy.  Sparky Marky Hughesy has ‘brushed off a move to the Villa himself.

Why would he quit Fulham? Did Chairman Mo show him something inappropriate in the boardroom bogs?


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  • davy says:

    So its Arry out Hughes in then oh well there goes Drogba.

  • davy says:

    No but second is still ok not first but ok.

    • gareth Bale says:

      Second means you are a fuktard!! Post something worth the time to read instead of this childish nonsense you phuqqin tool!!

  • bassongsdong says:

    1st…………..I hope

  • ralphcoateshair says:


  • Cc of gambia says:

    Like Harry and what he has done for us but moving to cheatski is unforgivable

    • gareth Bale says:

      fuk arry… management the man fukkin sux!!! Football strategy, and he still fukkin sux!!! He talks shit most of the time saying 1 minute we can win the CL and get 4 place in the prem, the next he completely changes his fukkin mind!!! His team selection has been on a par with that of avram grunt, the dopey choo fuk that got the pikey cu nts from Numpty Park relegated. Glad to see pikey thieving fukkaz get relegated,,,,,now maybe we can get OUR NEW FUKKIN STADIUM BACK from the dirty underhanded porn dwarfs and the fat sl4g from the Brady Bunch!! Fuk off Arry, YOU ARE the weakest link!! Lets get Jose M or Pep Guardiola and stop fukkin about with all these crappy 2nd rate managers….and if arry does fuk off to chelski it shows hes a cu nt!!!

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