Date: 3rd June 2011 at 10:01pm
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Oh my days and good evening my dears. Is she or isn’t she?

Tonight the specter of Mark Hughes looms above . This isn’t ITK as such but pin back yer eyelids and I’ll tell you what’s on offer.

I was told a solicitor in Cobham was convinced that our beloved had just finalized the appropriate paper in relation to a move to Second Hand Fridge. That was this morning.

Naturally I viewed this as  suspect. Not because of the source – he’s 100% kosher – but because it fits in with that whole top back page made it up bit. You know what I mean.

But then the Villa have come out and said, ‘No thanks’ to Sparky Marky Hughesy.  Sparky Marky Hughesy has ‘brushed off a move to the Villa himself.

Why would he quit ? Did Chairman Mo show him something inappropriate in the boardroom bogs?