11 O’Clocker – Negotiations ‘Advanced’ For Goal Machine

Guten Abend. That is your actual German.

The name in tonight’s frame is none other than Mirko Vucinic. You may know Mirko from such headlines as ‘Want Away Striker Would Relish Arsenal Interest’, ‘Roma Hitman On The Way To Juve’, and who could forget the candid, ‘Look FFS We’d Even Take A Bid From Fecking Blackburn At This Stage.’

Now this is from a new source and my cynicism about the player and his very busy agent doesn’t reflect I’m viewing the information with disdain; rather my dismay is if it pans out we are close to signing the player. £12M in used notes.

Here’s a quote from his agent, Alessandro Lucci…

“It’s not news that two English clubs are interested in Vucinic, but it must firstly be understood whether the relationship with Roma is definitely over only in that case will the alternatives be taken into consideration.”

Snake Oil gained three points this morning but the forecast is for a surplus heading into early July.





    1. Yeh we should get him, get rid of Crouch, Keane, Defoe and Pav……sign Vucinic, Leandro, Podolski and Osvaldo, surely one of them will be good enough and let the other 3 rot lol :)

  1. how many times have agents used spurs to wangle a better deal? he doesn’t sound like the kind of player we are looking for

  2. Very much doubt this one, it’s not exactly what we are looking for. Hulk or Podolski please Levy, cheers nice one.

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