A Bid Rejected, A Bid Accepted & Another One On The Radar

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Good day to you.

News, allegations and barely concealed threats just in from a contributor to Spurs Community then. From opensaysme:

We’ve had a bid rejected by Espanyol for 15million euro [for Osvaldo]
We are looking else where
Leandro is looking more and more a spurs player
I can confirm it Gervinho is signing for us.
We are wanting to sign one more.

Who’s Gervinho? He’s that Ivorian striker fella with two feet and dreads in headband stylee who plays for Lille. He’s been branded the ‘New Drogba’ – I can’t imagine why perhaps he stops and checks himself for blood every time someone tackles him, who knows?

He has been linked with everyone in our street of late including Ar5enal, Newcastle not mention Liverpool before they bought Andy Carrol. His estimated street value was around €10M.

And they said ITK was dead.

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  • ihadabluehead says:

    how does that sit with the harry quote from the other day where he talked about scouting all over the place, especially france, and looking at all these strikers and thinking – well they’re good but “they’re not better than Pav”?
    (why he can’t come to the same conclusion whilst watching training at the Lodge heaven only knows…)

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      I think it actually sits with the idea that with Arry we need a DOF :-| He’s a good man manager (if they speaky the lingo) but he’s out of his depth as a scout, hence his tendency to recycle players.

      • ihadabluehead says:

        agreed. What concerns me most about him looking at strikers is that he doesn’t seem to know what sort of striker he wants. I know he turned down Suarez because he felt (was told) he couldn’t play up top by himself but we seem to keep players because they provide options. 3MP is the lanky one, defoe the shoot on sight one, VDV the player in the hole, Pav the more complete player (maybe). I can see the logic but i just wish i felt convinced that he actually had some concrete plans about the shape and style of the team he wants to play so that he could find a specific type of striker, not just one who is better than Pav.

        It reminds me of Postiga, we signed him and Mourinho (who no one really knew at the time) laughed at us and said it wouldn’t work because he was the wrong sort of player for us. Postiga scored from crosses, we didn’t play with wingers at the time – how right he was.

        I’m not of the Harry out mob, but that isn’t to say that he doesn’t worry me at times.

      • Spurstacus says:

        Harry was a great scout. He had all the badges, knew his dib from his dob, could tie all the knots and cook a piece of dough on top of an empty bean can.

    • Roland Rat says:

      Simply because Pav is not good enough. He doesn’t do enough work, he can’t control a ball, he can’t hold up play, he can’t defend from the front (the way Barcelons players do) and misses to many easy chances. Yes he scores good goals but he does not score enough or contribute enough to the team.

      • Devonshirespur says:

        Pav is a scorer of great goals when we need a great goal scorer!

        Any lazy coach scouting pav from the comfort of his arm chair would see a reel of outstanding goals by Pav and probably conclude he is world class and worth +£20m

  • zowee says:

    lets just hope you right as always, he looks promissing

  • A_Felching says:

    Get in there you slag

  • Aimee says:

    I want a name i know and revere. Nothing under 30 mil. ta.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    I see Brain May had spurt behind Jodie Marsh there. Obviously that Queen doc on the telly raised his profile 8O

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