Azza Blud To Liverpool

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Even Sky Sports News have had a tickle at this.  A £15M bid from Liverpool Football Club they said, trying to make it sound all real. Bless ’em.

What we have here I am advised, is a classic example of good old fashioned jibber jabber from football agents. The man who is so quick even his eyebrows have go faster stripes is, would you believe it is …simply renegotiating his contract.

But you and I live in a climate of fear. And whilst footballers are by and large pretty thick, it doesn’t really take an avaricious agent ten seconds to give the balance of power a nudge in the ‘right direction’.

Who are based in a northerly direction? Who are spending? The Liverpool move was dismissed by at least one major ITK and my guy in this instance moves not only in mysterious ways but amongst some interesting football agents.

Quite how the ‘media’ vomited up the idea that we’d replace Azza with a left winger aka Stewpot Downing I do not know.


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