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This is a tad self indulgent, but when am I not? It has emerged that Spurs ex Edgar Davids was instrumental in the process that delivered VdV to our highly esteemed doors.

This is so immediately believable as he has demonstrated a very similar passion and commitment to ‘us’.

“I had some contact with Edgar, who had also played for Spurs, and he told me it was a great club and the people are good,” Van der Vaart told Tottenham’s official magazine, Hotspur . “He also said the league would fit me well.

“It wasn’t easy to leave Real Madrid because I had a great life there. They are the biggest club in the world so I was quite happy, but when Spurs came in I spoke with the manager and the chairman, fell in love with the club and wanted to join Tottenham.”

My two personal most favouritist Davids moments are thus; that Keane goal against Ar5ena1.As those teo Gooner chumps fanny’d about trying to decide if they were injured or not, BMJ bellowed, “Play…play … play!” and Edgar’s ball to PSB gifted the equaliser HERE.

My second is also against Boro; Edgar tackled Ray Parlour so hard the schmuck landed on on top of him. Davids simply stood up and Parlour fell off the Dutchman’s shoulders, HERE.

So just a cheeky yet well deserved, ‘thank you again yet again, sir’ to our old mate.


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