‘Gareth Is Garlic Bread’, Says Arry

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Or the future, for the uninitiated in Phoenix Nights speak amongst you.

Good morning. The South Wales Argus brings us into a new day with new quotes from the Tottingham Supremo, Mr Arry Redschnapps.

“He did have a spell, which is unusual for a Welsh boy because they are normally tough as old boots, he had to toughen up,” he said.

“He used to get a knock and get pampered a bit by the physios and I said to them he’ll get up, he’ll be all right, leave him.

“They all used to run over to him and I wanted that to stop. It helped him.”

“We want to keep Gareth, he’s the future of the club, he’s been fantastic and he’s not only a top player he’s a great lad as well, so we need to keep him,” he stated.

“We need to keep Modric, the better players, Sandro – the Brazilian boy – has been fantastic as well. We need to build the team around him, they are young players as well. Now we need to add a couple to them.”

And in real news, Bernard Cribbins got an OBE in the HM Queen’s birthday honours. Top chap.

There’s a cracking competition I’m having a punt on today. Courtesy of @whitehartXchang on Twitter. All you do is predict the FIRST 3 Spurs games and the LAST game of the new season!

State the TEAM and state (H) Home or (A) Away in your Tweeted entry. The winner of 1st Prize gets the 61 Spurs Double Book 2nd Prize winner gets ‘The Boys From White Hart Lane’ book. Have a go!

Both publications lovingly discounted and featured HERE.

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  • Peter4Spurs says:

    If u want some true gossip, found it on another site (used cut and paste here) and I quote – A friend of my wife works at OT and has close connections and has heard overtures that the Glazers and AF have had a fall out over the budget, He wants twice as much and they are adamant it wont go higher, so certain people are out of reach, if it goes on much longer like this and if the word on the street is true AF is on the verge of quitting for good over the lack of Budget …. you heard it here first…. Could be good for football?!!

    • Roland Rat says:

      AF to quit – what garbage – you heard it here first, don’t you love clowns who say that, oh i just did – could be good for football – don’t be stupid.

  • Roland Rat says:

    According to talksport we finished above Arsenal last season in 4th having payed £5.31 million to agents, Man City with £5.9 and Liverpool and Chelsea with over £9 million each beat us. Sound like easy money, dish some of it out HH.

    • gilbo says:

      the gyan story printed thursday? it took you that long to read the article?

      apply to the foundation for a reading tutor!

      • bob says:

        No I started reading it this morning and with a bit of skim reading I had finished it in a matter of seconds. All those years of education and hard work finally paid off.

        Good old BBC have this as part of the Saturday gossip column. About time they got their arse in gear. I don’t have time to trawl the internet. I am a software developer ;)

        Good news if it happens even it’s old news

        • gilbo says:

          I agree with the bbc gossip column sentiment – how the f*ck do sh*tty sites get on there now?

 Daily what next?

    • TMWNN says:

      If you look very closely at the reflection in Crouch’s eyes in the accompanying photo to that story, you can just make out where his knock down ended up. I believe you can also see Levy trying to catch it.

      I don’t think I can stand another season of Crouch.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Gareth Bale is not a whale
    But he hails from Wales
    That Sunderland player Thingy Gyan
    Was in Corrie dressed as Leanne
    Batterbee batterboy

    Copyrighted so no funny business please

  • davspurs says:

    You can tell there’s no football every one is highly strung. This will make you even madder do you think the Pea could get some of that meat five of his team mates swallowed that was contaminated with steroids to makes you run longer and win Titles. Now that could retire Fergie if we had a tough on drugs FA but judging by poor Kolo Toure big belly excuse caused by swallowing water tablets sadly we haven’t.

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