Harry Kane Causes Chaos

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Good morning.

Bit of house keeping as such to kick us off this morning before the next blockbuster transfer rumour  arrives before lunch.  Or maybe even before elevensies.

You’ve had the Rose goal, but here it is for those that missed it behind Harry Kane’s and a pretty damn mean header from the raging Kaboul. Not convinced the marking was the Mae West, but it would be pretty cool to see him replicate this in a Lilywhite shirt.

And before the accusations fly I do realise PSB scored twice against Macedonia. But I cannot find embeddable footage that’s fit to watch. If you are reading Bob and want to send a link over, I’ll gladly add it. You knacker.

It’s that boy Kane

On me head, Kaboul my son …

Danny Rose…and it’s in!

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  • Martin says:

    I can’t believe we didn’t give Harry Kane a chance last year whilst our strikers were shooting dudds!!!

    • sniftywoof says:

      i was calling for him to be given a chance long time ago but some moron said let him keep the bench warm at Orient he is a talent and loves scoring goals i hope he gets a chance before we sell him and he comes back to hurt us

      • Aaron says:

        as much as I rate him, that goal hardly shows anything, a wheelchair-bound, blind gazelle could have fumbled that chance in

  • DAVSPURS says:

    This just shows we are full of goals in the proper policed slower Internationals and without a long relegation battle and the Golden top four we can score goals.

  • forhodssake says:

    Dunno what happened to my last comment – incompetence in clicking the submit button I guess.

    brief version:

    Hope we give Rose a decent amount of games next year – more than competent sub for bale/bae – can keep them on their toes and stop overruse/burnout. Dont let him become disillusioned and leave.

    Kaboul/Daws/Gallas/King (sometimes), Caulker (Europe and Cups), Khumalo (remember we world cup CB we only signed a few months ago?), perhaps even Woodgate – do we really need Johnson/Cahill/Samba or god forbid Upson? Arent we better to keep the funds towards a striker and ensure that our players get plenty of game time? Are these defenders really an upgrade on ours, or should we give a more communicative/less erratic goalkeeper a chance to build a relationship?

    Martin Jol – welcome back – and dont forget your old mates Keano, JJ etc etc

  • seppoyiddo says:

    Maybe Eunice would be kind enough to teach that play to his Spurs teammates. :whistle:

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