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Mornin’. This is left field to put it mildly.

The Guardian were running with Arry’s interest in Rio a while back. Tottingham supremo Arry revealed he had made several efforts to land @rioferdy5 but to no avail.

Now since Sir Alex’s audacious Phil Jones swoop the story has come back with avengence. Alan Brazil said yesterday that he believed Arry was very close to getting his man.

I think this would be a historic. It would actually be addressing a football issue head on and finally acknowledging our back four can’t carry on being a revolving door of bit part players.

I’ve banged the drum on this before so I’ll be brief. Van der Sar isn’t the world’s greatest goalie as some might see him as. He’s good, but the defenses in front of him before foreign and domestic are top notch. This is one of the key elements that separates one keeper from another.

A direct consequence of this now looks to be poor old Gomes sloping off with his tail between his legs.

We have got a striker problem and it’s wonderfully exciting imagining how cool a shiny new striker would look running about in the afterglow of scoring goal upon goal, but we’ve a back four problem too.

Let’s hope this happens.

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  • Kiwiyid says:

    Hear,hear HH. Would like to see Gomes stay with a strong back four taking the pressure off the guy.

  • AmenHoddle says:

    I agree – still wondering why the Daily Star keep posting articles about Modders wanting to leave. Are the Stars reporters all United fans trying to press through a transfer that’s most likely dead and burried???

  • Yiddle-i-po says:

    It’ll be the end for either Ledders or Woody – we’ll need to free up a treatment table

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Really. Is signing the third most injury prone center back in the league really the answer to the problem of have the first and second most injury prone defenders in the league?

  • TMWNN says:

    Alan Brazil also asked someone how Bob Monkhouse’s health was a year after he’d died.

    Let’s not replace one of the gout brothers with cousin gout.

  • forhodssake says:

    I’m not sure I agree.

    Ferdinand’s best years are coming to an end (if not already over), he is hugely expensive (currently on around £120k per week) and there is no guarantee of how many games he’ll play – he missed a large amount of last season.

    Including him in a 25 man squad along with Ledley means that we have to have at least one extra CD in the squad to cover the risk that at any given time, both will be unfit.

    Who makes way? Dawson (our captain – although def not as good as Fredinand at his best), King (an automatic if truly fit) Gallas (who we have just signed for another two years and prob needs regular football to maintain his fitness at his age), Kaboul (potentially the best of our central defenders, already a French international and who will surely expect games), Khumalo (what was the point of signing a World Cup defender if he’ll never get a chance?), Woodgate, Bassong (still a Spurs player as I write)……

    I think Ferdinand is addressing a problem we dont really have and creating other problems by his arrival.

    The biggest point for me is that if he really still has what it takes and is capable of a full season, would Fergie replace him with a 19 year old who might be great but is still only ‘potential’.

    As regards Gomes, I firmly believe that we need a steady, unflappable, non- fragile (physically or mentally) goalkeeper to give our defenders direction and confidence more than we need a CD.

    • toddspur says:

      good post

      • Jamie says:

        Yeah good post, and my initial reaction exactly. Though thinking about if further, I’m all for it. I can’t see how / why it would happen (doesn’t stike me as a Levy deal) but hypothetically to get into the spirit of it..
        1) Rio is a better footballer and defender than what we have, including dare I say it, even Ledley.
        2) He would give us something vocal in the dressing room that we lacked in the run in. We have a very quiet team.
        3) His age and experience is a good thing, Kaboul will know he has every chance as Gallas, King, Ferdinand won’t be around forever. We need to keep Kaboul, he’s going to be immense.
        4) Bassong wants to go as he’s 25 and 5th choice, good luck to him. Woodgate too, so lets upgrade with better than what we have. Only way we will improve.
        5) Fergie isn’t invincible, he let Stam go too early and later admited it.
        If the deal is right, it woule be brilliant – but I’d be surprised if a deal could be struck to suit both clubs and the player..

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