ITK Explosion! Cahill To Spurs For PSB, ***** & Others!

Image for ITK Explosion! Cahill To Spurs For PSB, ***** & Others!

Guten abend meine Damen und Herren.

Spurs Odious’ Roger Morgan is a cove. He’s running, shortly before a major newspaper (but awfully good of ‘im to share I say) that we are offering Pointy Shouty Bloke, ***** and two (at this time unnamed) others in exchange for …Cahill.

If this happens I hereby offer to swap my collection of Maggie Philbin nudie pics for an Action Man helicopter. But all goods must be in their original box. After all, Keith was at the time of these snaps.

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  • Dan says:

    Guess it depends on Who the others are, but if they are fringe players, this could be good business, therefore unlikely to happen.

  • azza blud says:

    we dont need a central defender

  • Toddspur says:

    Tim Cahill is top drawer :sick: :sideways:

    • Acton_Yid says:

      Cahill is waaaay overated (like most England defenders). Hummels, Tasci, Subotic and even Samba at a push (yes ! Samba)…now we’re talking !

    • merrrrrr says:

      Might be in your draws, but the rest of us know he’s just another over priced player. Spurs have all the centre backs we need already. Bout time we started to blood some of our youngster too. We don’t need to keep buying all the time.

      • Toddspur says:

        I think you missed the point

        • LewishamSpur says:

          Yes I think this deal is more about getting rid of the deadwood & cutting the wage bill.. ITS GONNA BE VERY HARD TO OFFLOAD AS MANY PLAYERS AS WE WANT too in this transfer window
          Mmmm.. overrated maybe, but then that depends how much you rate him! He’s better than Bassong and in decent team he could flourish methinks… Remember Europa League PL, CC and FA cup lots of games.. rotation on the mind.. Of course Ledders, Daws, Kaboul & Gallas are our first and foremost!!

  • ricewireless says:

    I think he’s shiteonmoon saw him on a few occasions uncovered (oooer) last season, no pace like an upson or a lescott cheerio up the spurs

  • Fatfish says:

    PSB, Jenas & Bassong. A spineless spine swapped for Cahill.

    Swap shop.

    I’ll swap your nudie Philbins for my nudie Chegwins. I’ll throw a naked Edmonds pictured with an unknown male who looks like johnnie ball from the rear.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      You’ll have to speak up, I’ve been on the Cough Syrup since lunchtime. Think of a number? 999 :cool:

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