Blimey, Have You Seen Johnny Two Saints EXTRAORDINARY Goal

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Good Evening,

Due to technical fiasco or perhaps in a game of cards, the original blog was lost. So apologies for the deletion of your comments.

Those joining us late missed little other than a pretty damn sexy goal (yes another one from the seemingly reformed Giovanni Dos Santos

Here she is in action before they opened.

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  • seppoyiddo says:

    Showed some cheeky skill on the goal, but not much else against two dreadful fullbacks.

    • The V says:

      The boy is class. Trouble is it seems he likes things other than the glorious game. You’d like to think he could feature wide right in a 5 man midfield if Sandy is covering his lack of track back.

      A handy tool. Then again that’s what my wife says about my old chap, both get the same amount if use though.

  • NYSpurs says:

    I think he main theme on the original blog was that he likes to play in the hole just behind the main striker just as VDV has been doing – so who would you prefer?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Good point – VDV, Modders, Dos Santos – all prefer to drift central when nobody’s looking.

    • A_Felching says:

      He is quicker than VDV, but alas we will never know how good he could have been. Another big talent that never got chance under Redknapp, look forward to Joey Cole and Scotty Parker arriving

      • melcyid says:

        thanks for bringing us down to earth!

      • Roland Rat says:

        That’s because he spends too much time in bars and is not interested in behaving like a professional footballer. Anyone who only ever turns it on for his country is a waste of space.

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          On cue.

        • ED says:

          lol pathetic this is the same Gio that stayed at home while Keane and a host of other players when on that trip to get drunk and party during an important part of the season yet they get rewarded and Gio

    • seppoyiddo says:

      I prefer my luxury players to be a bit more Ginolian. Rafa is more along those lines, Luka is in a different class. I wanted to see Gio step up but he was only an occasional threat for most of the game. He looked better when things got a bit violent near the end.

  • melcyid says:

    perhaps if he wears his mexico shirt under our shirt ,might do the trick

  • calebray says:

    the problem in my opinion is the abundance of half finished talent we have at the club.

    the manager, no matter what you think of him must win at all costs. if he plays in his best position at the expense of other players and doesnt score every game, arry is gonna get slated.
    if i were arry i would sit him down and tell him he will get a game when vdv is injured (which could be anytime) and it is then up to him to make arry accommodate them both or drop one for the other. If he is not happy with this then the attitude he is reported to have is still there.

    the emergence of the boy bale shows that at the moment we only give em a chance when we havent got a choice. having the likes of jenas, hutton, krankie(through no fault of his own)etc. taking up a valid place on the bench or squad place means his chance wont come

    Big clear out as promised and i think we will see him in a new light this season – if he still wants it.

    • His main problem is immaturity. Like Bentley these type of players feel that they are already good enough and dont have anything to prove. They have succumb to the attitude that they “ARE” great, when infact they are not. However if Dos Santos can address his attitude he still just has time in my view to become world class. Bentley is a lost cause and can never redeem himself….imo

    • alfieconn says:

      Arry does not and wont give young players a real chance. got lucky with bale, he was sold if benny had not got injured, was reluctant for months to play sandro & stole the credit for both and may of got lucky with rose.
      Has not give proper chances to tarrabt when there, naughton, walker, dos santos, caulker, livermore!
      Instead if he had his way we will end up with 4 or 5 35 five year old hasbeens when he does one for the england job next summer!!

      • Roland Rat says:

        Don’t be a plank. Sandro had to learn to adapt to a new country and quicker more physical football which takes time, time Harry gave him, quite rightly.

        Taarabt is hated by QPR who are hawking him round every club in an effort to get rid of him, he doesn’t defend, he doesn’t pass and his arrogant attitude stinks.

        Naughton and Walker are not ready yet, either playing regularly would guarantee no top 4 finish as at the moment their defending isn’t good enough and they would weaken the team. They nee to go out on loan to another Premier League club to learn and get experience. Walker was shite in the second half of his spell at Villa.

        Dos Santos only turns it on for Mexico, he flopped on loan in Spain because again his attitude sucks, he just wants to party.

        Caulker and Livermore would again weaken us, they also need to go on loan to a Premier League club.

        If we played these people you basically are saying Modric, Bale, VDV and Sandro, you can all leave at the end of the season because the best we could hope for is a Europa League place.

        Personally I’d prefer to try and keep Modders by getting Champions League football. We can then buy again and replace these 35 year old has beens who get us there!

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          He didn’t flop in Spain though, you speak as if you are an authority but as I pointed out before when you got on your soapbox about the player in question, he scored 5 goals in 16 games, and only 9 of those were starts, the majority of his remaining appearances (at the start of his loan period) were as a sub in the last 30 minutes.

        • Roland Rat says:

          And they were so happy with him that they are not interested in him, he would weaken our team and you could say goodbye to Modders as a result.

          Harry’s comment that “if he could pass a bar like he could pass a ball he’d be fantastic” was entirely made up was it?

          Come off it. You have to prove you are worth a chance and you do that with a professional attitude, he doesn’t have one, but if you are happy with mid table mediocrity that’s your right.

        • MysteriousStranger says:


    • A_Felching says:

      Bale was mearly loaned out, we have a spastic managing our team

  • Chrispurs says:

    Harry will be on the hunt for some OAP, that have a London accent; and like a pint, and are triffic!

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