Modric, Bentley, J**** & Wilson

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The morning after the night before.

Modric goes to Zabgreb to have a formal wedding ceremony in a church after an earlier registry office job. The only story to emerge in the Croatian press is that he went out for crab with another couple and had a nice time.

Next, we get ‘exclusive’ interviews with the player presumably via his Boatphone telling us how sweetly we’ll all get along when he’s got Samsung written on his chest.

Levy & Co have been forced to issue a statement this morning. It’s emphatic and more to the point it reveals that Cheatski have been revealed yet again operating in a dubious manner in relation to transfers.

Abramovich is probably too smart to let the trail of tapping up lead to his door, but Modric better get himself a good lawyer to assist him in when he’s back on dry land.  His part time football agent/part time dry cleaner chappy is now out of his depth.

The grim specter of replacing Luka Modric with Scott Parker looms.

So to the others. A chap on Spurs Community Akqayid,  says that Bentley, Wilson and J**** have all gone. To whom, for what he doesn’t reveal. Maybe on a bear hunt, or a goose chase. It’s that time of the year.

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  • greavesie says:

    so Levy has released a statement – Luka stays – does he mean it or is he trying to push the price up?

    • Onedavemackay says:

      I think he means it. He knows what we need to be top four and that has been his stated aim for many years.

      Sooner or later a club is going to stand up to a player and hold them to their contract.

      • lobo says:

        Its a shame Levy didn’t realize this in January instead of sticking with Lurch & Mini Me up front..when the two couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery or more to the effect score in a Brothel

    • John White says:

      The sun came up this morning. Did it mean it? Or was it negotiating for more sunspots?
      Makes you wonder.

    • ken e winks says:


  • jamie says:

    the statement puts a few more million on his price tag, if it eventually does go that way

    do we want to keep a player that doesn’t want to be here? £40m would represent excellent business if that’s taken into account

    and, i’m sure most would disagree, is he really that indispensible? i love watching him as much as the next man- it’s skillful players like that that we’ve always loved at the lane- but he contributed 4 goals and 3 assists in the prem last term- i’m sure we can blame inept strikers for the low assists total, but only four goals when there was rich pickings for the midfielders last year

    pretty yes, but effective? style over substance?

    i honestly don’t know

    • Onedavemackay says:

      You are right you honestly don’t know. Everyone else thinks he’s one of the best players in the world. How many goals and assists do Xavi and Iniesta get ?

      • jamie says:

        xavi got twice as many assists and iniesta got twice as many goals last term

        like i say, i’m not convinced by my own argument, cos i know he holds it all together in the middle- creating time and space for others, playing the right balls at the right times and keeping posession

        at the same time, i thought THUDD did that pretty well the season before, when we did qualify for the CL

    • essexian76 says:

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Luca is pretty on the ball and always looks the part. if you look at his actual contribution however it doesn’t make a ‘world class’ stat in any shape or form. Personally I think playing him and VDV gives imbalance to the team, although I’d prefer to see them both in a white shirt. Losing either wouldn’t be the end of the world, but both or Bale, would certainly be!

    • Homer says:

      If you want to look at stats try the 66 unconverted chances he created last season, or the amount of our goals he had a hand in the creation of. Players like Bale, VDV and Lennon rely on players like Modric to draw the opposition, create the space and spread the play. That itself is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be undervalued.

      • essexian76 says:

        Look at the games when he was out injured both this term and last? Since VDV joined Luca’s influence has definitely waned because he’s having to play so deep instead of forward/mid in order to get hold of the ball. All I’m saying is he is not irreplaceable, we managed well enough when he was out injured for over a third a season, and we’ve supposedly better players now!

  • Onedavemackay says:

    The battle of moderate Luka has begun

  • simianspur says:

    He can’t come out with a statement like that and then sell the player. Can he?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      He can unleash lawyers.

      Smithers, the hounds!

    • eastanglianspur says:

      Politics; politics; politics = many-tics or blood suckers to you and me. Add in the ‘quality’ of compulsive liars and there you have it.

      Nine out of ten cynics are right.

    • DavidHowells says:

      He has done it already. Carrick, Berbatov and Keane. He even threatened the FA and dropped all complaints thanks to a small donation to the TH foundation.

  • greavesie says:

    depends what the accountants say

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