Date: 18th June 2011 at 11:07am
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The morning after the night before.

Modric goes to Zabgreb to have a formal wedding ceremony in a church after an earlier registry office job. The only story to emerge in the Croatian press is that he went out for crab with another couple and had a nice time.

Next, we get ‘exclusive’ interviews with the player presumably via his Boatphone telling us how sweetly we’ll all get along when he’s got written on his chest.

& Co have been forced to issue a statement this morning. It’s emphatic and more to the point it reveals that Cheatski have been revealed yet again operating in a dubious manner in relation to transfers.

Abramovich is probably too smart to let the trail of tapping up lead to his door, but Modric better get himself a good lawyer to assist him in when he’s back on dry land.  His part time football agent/part time dry cleaner chappy is now out of his depth.

The grim specter of replacing with looms.

So to the others. A chap on Community Akqayid,  says that , Wilson and J**** have all gone. To whom, for what he doesn’t reveal. Maybe on a bear hunt, or a goose chase. It’s that time of the year.