Official Comment On Redschnapp’s PR Skills & Our Transfer Tactics

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So here’s Part Two in a series of Three.


The club has to trim the existing First Team squad as only 25 players are allowed excluding home grown Under-21’s who don’t count towards the 25.

    • There will be activity this summer but the club does need to sell players for the above reason.
    • DH asked if it was a deliberate tactic to wait until the end of the window before any intense activity? DL said he understood why there was this perception but this was far from deliberate, it was just the way the transfer market worked with buying clubs having their 1-10 wish lists and the fact it takes time to work this through.
    • The Manager puts forward recommendations for purchases and the Board of Directors have the final decision taking into account the long term financial implications for the Club. For example, a hypothetical situation where the Board would need to say No would be where the selling club is seeking a sizeable transfer fee for a 30+ year old with little chance of re-sale and/or the possibility of a different manager appearing during that player’s contract who didn’t see that player as part of his squad.
    • The lack of home grown players was raised by John Morrow. DL agreed that academy produced players needed to improve. S. Caulker is a very promising academy resource right now.

    Harry and the Press

    • The subject of Harry’s public criticism of some THFC fans as idiots was raised as an inappropriate comment to make. This was accepted by the Club however mitigating circumstances of a leading question from the Sky reporter was raised and the fact that the club had spoken to Sky about this.
    • It was agreed that Harry had an incredible relationship with the media (They like him/He likes to speak with them) and that with this there would be some positives and negatives.

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    • Landlord1 says:


    • Landlord1 says:

      Hmmmmmmmmmm….very enlightening.


    • southcoastyid says:

      looking like all the excess midfielders are off, the only one who seems below the radar is knobentley, which is a real shame

    • Jerard says:

      Bentley and krancjar can do a fantastic job for us, especially in the uefa and carling cups…I say keep them…

      • southcoastyid says:

        kranc should stay for what, the boys got piles from sitting doing nothing, out if respect he should be released to a club that will play him. as for bentley, i rate him right up there with rebrov, total waste of time and money.

    • bigyid says:

      You’re a schmuck. you’ve reported the minutes on a closed meeting between the club and the chairman. what an idiot. you’re the prat they warned against in the second world war. Loose lips sink ships. You t-shirt peddling muppet.

      • Majeika the Moulet says:

        You might wanna gen up ya facts there fellow I do believe its between club and supporters trust.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        You’re a bed wetting bogey nose who’s not allowed out to play after his tea.

        I can do all this all day….

        Alternatively try getting an adult to help you read what is actually written.

        And don’t forget the multibuy deal on the shirts. First one full price and then as many as you can carry back to your fetid bedsit for a tenner.

      • Snarklife says:

        Jeez, put your boots in the fridge, luv. It’s all public info, published at

        Now have a nice cup of Horlicks and relax.

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