Promising Developments OnThe Modders Situation

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From inside The Lane. Any bearing or resemblence to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The response to the Cheatski tapping up of the Croat Cruyff was as per the Chairman’s message a mix of contempt and fury.

The appointment of Villa Boas has caused an impasse and it is nothing more than ‘hoped’ on our side that Chelsea will not come back with another offer.

A formal complaint in relation to Chelsea’s tactics in this matter will be submitted if the situation deteriorates – ie – the player comes out with any more come and get me pleas.

The plan is not to send out the wrong message and immediately up Modric’s wages. He has quite recently signed a lengthy contract agreeing to terms. However it has been mooted that come next January an increase should be organised based upon commitment then rather than out of fear now.

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  • highermenz says:

    1st again I do believe

  • andy says:

    Old news rehashed, you can do better than this

  • edspur says:

    No disrespect but I’m waiting to hear it from the horse’s mouth. This must one heckuva statement from Luka if its taken since last week to concoct. Maybe he’s having trouble with the tearstains?

  • crespur says:

    Is that Heath Ledger? I thought the joker was dead. Anyway If Modders is the Magician who will be pulling who or what out of who’s or which bag when the Portuguese house serpent arrives at CFC.

  • Mikey says:

    Yes the “he totally twisted my words” story is taking a long time coming.

    • Sean says:

      He’s on his bloody honeymoon isnt he? Give the lad a break.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        If he was on his “bloody honeymoon” wouldn’t people call say he was on his honeymoon, rather than what they actually are saying – “he’s on holiday”?

        He is no lad either, he’s a grown man. He said grown man stuff and you should recognise that this grown man said he wanted to leave. He deserves all he gets.

        • astromesmo says:

          Looks like a wedding to me? Although why you’d take a call from the Daily Mail on the eve of your wedding is beyond me… But then again most of what the Daily Mail does, says, believes in & tries to peddle is beyond me anyway.

          Nice pic of Charlie as well in a suit that’s about 3 sizes too small for him. I also like the caption saying that his bride bought the dress from a store called ‘Frump City’, classy writing! Here we go… Fashion again! Maybe me and you should become the Trinny & Susannah of the Spurs blogs MS???

        • astromesmo says:

          Good lord, I just got a look at the picture of his agent’s wife… You wouldn’t mess with her. No wonder he’s trying to get a deal sorted for the boy wonder, she’s only got half a dress!!!

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Sounds like a plan Astro!

          My bad for not knowing Modders was getting married (again)… I dunno, these days footballers must just have too much money. Even Modders! So since you’re up on Hello magazine type shit, did they divorce before or were they just renewing their vows like Mr and Mrs VdV?! ;-)

          All I know is I’m still skint after my wedding last year, have a wedding to attend this weekend, and one in France next month which is even more annoying as it’s expensive to attend and turns out it won’t even be for real, the legal one will be in Vegas!

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