Spurs Have €12M Bid Rejected

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Guten evening.

Glade plug-ins [other muck from other companies is available]. Is it beyond the wit of man to merely ‘open a window,’ and at Christmas to simply whack a few cloves into a few Tesco economy oranges? I appreciate my opener is somewhat random but I need to vent occasionally.

Internacional President Giovani Luigi has confirmed that they have received a concrete offer from Spurs of €12m for national team striker Leandro Damiao.
“It was the first concrete offer that we have had. I said I do not want to sell right now, but I think they will come back again with a new proposal soon.

I warned them to come back at the end of the year and with a better offer,” he said.

Bless him.

With the Brazilian National Championship running until December, he may be hoping to hold on to his young striker for the whole of the competition. This may mean Spurs needing to look elsewhere to bolster the strike force.

This comes courtesy of (@Studub on Twitter) if you involve yourself in all that Tweeting business I suggest you follow him.  He seems on the level to me. I’m not on the level I’m of course… @theboyhotspur. Innit.

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