Super Injunction Story Close To Breaking

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Damen & Herren,

Some interesting news has crept my way and due to it’s incendiary nature I’m taking the regretful but nonetheless wise move of disabling the comments box.

In the mid part of last month a few newspapers ran a piece about a Super Injunction relating to a Premiership footballer.

An unnamed  Premier League football star was said to have obtained two injunctions after he had affairs with two different women both weeks before and weeks after his wedding.

It was pointed out that the footballer was  an International and one who had played for a number of clubs.

The first injunction came when he was caught out six weeks prior to getting married. There was a threat of the indiscretion becoming public and so he sought and was granted an Injunction.

Then only a few months later he was caught having sex with a model behind his wife’s back and so obtained a additional order to stop that story.

On this occasion there is more meat to the bone (if you’ll pardon the expression) as the woman met the footballer in a restaurant before he went back to her flat where they had sex. The player’s blushing conquest could barely wait a few days before shouting about their tryst all over the pages of The People.

The People story infers that CCTV footage exists of the bloke who ‘looked around as he walked into the building – apparently concerned that he was going to be spotted by someone.’

Luke Byrne writing in The Irish Independent this Friday said,

It is understood that he paid a five-figure sum to ensure his name was kept out of the press.

He is the first Irish player known to have taken out an injunction of this type.

There are two immediate questions. One is can you guess the player and the second is how much longer will footballers and other idiots be able to hide behind  human rights legislation just because they can’t keep it in their under garments?

As Lloyd Grossman would say, ‘the clues are all there.’


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