The First Six Matches Then

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Morning my dears.

Today was always going to be about the fixture list for the new season. Our full list is of course available to view on the official Barclays Premiership site HERE.

The image is courtesy of @The_GunsaMucha To the best of my knowledge, it is not photoshopped.

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  • theotherstu says:

    We’ve got a tough old start, but as they say, if you want to win the race (or come in the top 4) you’re going to have to play them some time!

  • Fatfish says:


    The most intriguing think about the photo of the 1st 6 fixtures is the shot of the breaking news ticker bar. Just the letter R.

    My guess is that the preceding words are….

    Sky Sports news understands Luka Modric will be spotted in a taxi on 31st August on his way to Manchester

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      I’m going for Richard Keys found in a London park dressed as a woman handing out Polaroids of his genitals.

  • HankScorpioIII says:

    Ground. Hit. Running.


  • astromesmo says:


    Wolves & Wigan at home in the first six games – There’s six points gone already!!!!

  • SPURSINCE82 says:

    SHOULD GO HAND IN HAND WITH THE EXCUSES THAT HARRY WILL ALREADY HAVE IN TOE…SOMETHING ABOUT HOW WELL WE PLAYED, BUT COULDN’T TAKE OUR CHANCES..THEN HE’LL PROBABLY GO ON TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE; Why should we expect to win games, we r only good enough to win the prem, not beat teams on the way as well, Vdv can play anywhere.. here look! Lennon needs to play on the right cos I don’t know what im doing, but hey, it aint all bad, i mean…since coming to spurs, i now get wall to wall media coverage, im interviewd by anyone who has an i phone handy and best of all im off at the end of the season, to show idiotic england fans that we aint won anything since 66, so y should we start placing hopes on achieving such heights again.

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