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Good morning.

Evangelists make me nervous. People selling stuff who don’t obviously want cash have got to be rowing on one oar. But voting for this would be very cool and if you could spare a few seconds from your busy lives making the world a better place, then thank you please.

There’s a chance to win a nifty fifty (£50) just for voting and the threat of a lavish Spurs book at a never to be repeated cut price!

8 titles have been nominated for Sports Book Of The Year but there can only be one winner! 61 The Double is our boy’s representin’ and it has already won Best Illustrated Title.

Is this book actually any good? No. It isn’t ‘any good’. It’s bloody gorgeous. Here’s more about it containing a link and 20% off discount code.

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  • Wearefukednowarry says:

    count me in’

  • Wearefukednowarry says:

    Done & Done :daumen:

  • hotspurhartley says:

    Great Book….my votes submitted…

  • kojac says:

    anyone in or out yet

    bmj at fulham,he’ll get a good applause when back at the lane,surely the mackems will take a couple off our hands if they get 20m for this henderson kid,come on brucey crouch is waiting

    • Finn says:

      In my heart I cannot see Jol as anything other than a Yid!

      • toddspur says:

        I wonder if any of us lot will say the same about Arry when he eventually succumbs to the pressures of the ‘arry out’ brigade

        I doubt it…………

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Was just talking about him with ma’ homies; a medley patch of sods with a smattering of, shall we say, questionable footballing allegiances.

      We could all agree that Tony Soprano was as affable as you like. Affabl’est guy on the schoolbus. The epitome of affability. Undoubtedly…

  • Billy Fiore says:

    Harry I’ve always wondered: what are your top five favourite non-HH Spurs blogs, other than the frankly untouchable TottenhamOnMyMind?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Mmmmn. I don’t know I routinely read any blogs to be honest. I tend to read books if that doesn’t sound too poncy. I’m currently reading The Last Word On Sinatra by George Jacobs who was his valet for a long time. I’m not a Mr S fan at all, but a brilliantly written book.

      On other Spurs blogs, I think all of them should join up and form just one that’s worth reading.

      • melcyid says:

        thats a good cue for an Oprah style book of the month.Winston Churchill bios are pretty interesting,THE LAST LION was a good read.The Glory Game by Hunter Davies on the Spurs front is very good captures the mood at the time very well.I vaguely remember him traveling on the away trains with the fans and taking notes.

      • melcyid says:

        a bit bit poncey but not too much ,have you looked at your family tree.there was Ponce De Leon once in the anals of history.Or is spelled annals.

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