Date: 21st July 2011 at 7:32am
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Good morning.

Thought I’d take a few minutes out of the sweatshop business to talk about football. Being the keen eyed oaf that I am, I’m noticing an increasing swing from contempt to outright anger to wards Mr Wantaway, aka Modders.

My view has always been that online you can tear players apart and throw their metaphorically still quivering limbs and innards to starving dogs with teeth like knives. It’s online. Nobody gets hurt.

But when it comes to going to the game, you support. I believe that word is defined in places like Websters and such.I’m not proposing a Happy Clapper Club.  It’s just that scientists have proved that booing people doesn’t improve their performance. Screaming ‘ you useless cad!’ at a guy preparing to take a corner does not inspire him to make the cross of his career.

So just for my own curiosity and perhaps for your own tell us how you feel – or more to the point – how you intend to express those feelings. There’s a poll below. When it comes to players STILL in the Lilywhite who you have issues with, do you boo?

Obviously bar stewards who walk out are quitters and benders of the lowest order. We boo, throw pieces of medium sized furniture, such as lamps, teasmaids etc at ’em. We make pithy remarks about their hairstyles and their shoes in a loud showy manner.

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