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Call me charm incarnate, but the news that Leandro Dimebar has signed for Internacional is good news. Whilst up to our knees (hello Jermain) in not very good strikers I simply could not see this guy as a reason to hold a street party.

SSN are saying we’ve made more than bid. To the best of my knowledge we made two and we didn’t have any competition from a third party. Internacional actually own 70% of the ‘hit man’ who’s YouTubage made him look like his gout was worse than Begbie’s.


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  • gaza says:

    Get a striker NOWNOW NOOOOW!

  • HopSpurs says:

    You’re charm incarnate.

  • Jay says:

    I dont want Rossi neither though too weak and watched him against Porto in both games he was poor.

    Go for Benzema, Falcao or my choice Llorente who in my opinion would best suit the way Tottenham want to play.

    And then please sign Marin, he was the best player we came up against last year, imagine how many goals he will get from midfield next year

  • DessySpur says:

    I wish we could sign Marin, the reason Modric is so highly sought is he’s now premiership proven the little git.
    Marin could be better but guess hes not for sale.
    How lovely to buy him and put Modric in reserves (dream on I guess).
    Spurs need a lift now as this drags through the press, Levy is not doing much wrong good transfers take time, we have to be patient.

    • Spurfect says:

      We were patient in the last too windows and look what happened then. We need to be decisive and make our moves early to get the best players in and beat off the competition. The reason its taking too long is because we are penny pinching as usual. If we’d goen and spent the money last year or been bold and got a couple in now by paying the premium like most clubs that want the good players I doubt Modric would be so willing to jump ship this quickly.

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