I Have A Copy Of Luka Modric’s Transfer Request

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I’m planning to swerve any legal action against me in relation to hacking Levy’s office the other day on the grounds of insanity. My legal representative is none other than Mr Sidney Trotter QC of Vader & Sons, Whetstone Ltd. Mr Trotter told me confidentially, ‘I believe we can fly.

So in for a penny, in for a five stretch says I. This was stolen from THFC this afternoon and my thanks to the light fingered HH reader Vanderfaart for sharing his spoils with us.

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  • Dougie says:

    Goes without saying he hates raunchy talk.

  • GeeMacGee says:

    Brilliant, HH. Triffic even.

  • CyprusYid says:

    Ok, so the short arse has decided to chase money by handing in a transfer request. Why don’t we slap a 45m quid price tag on him, and get at least a shed load of dosh to use for buying in something decent! If you think that 45m is too much for Chelski, think what they wasted on a useless striker that scored 1 goal in half a season!

    • Devonshirespur says:

      we don’t want to admit that every player has a price otherwise we will lose everyone who is any good.

      Sends out the wrong signals.

      Whether Luka goes or not will depend on how he behaves and whenther he is committed to the cause.

      Even if he is trouble I think we will hang on to him because even this time next year or next Jan someone would offer £30m for him

  • PacketOfBaconFriesOnMyFace says:

    Looks about right to me.

  • Indyfan says:

    Nice. My first laugh of the day, hopefully not my last.

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