Date: 9th July 2011 at 9:44am
Written by:

If that didn’t get your attention then arguably little will. I could weep.

And a very ‘good morning to you’, too.

Jamie Bothroyd’s name has been cropping up with alarming regularity of late and slowly slowly it is beginning to emerge that this tale has legs. Which sounds like something Sid Trotter would say or at least Gerald Scarfe would draw.

And now a chap on Community, with the username of CorlukaModric says that Bothroyd is training with Sir at David Lloyd in Finchley.

Championship sure shooter Bothroyd has been linked with a host of second string outfits. QPR, Celtic and . And now us! Cynics, naysayers and disgruntled whipper uppers will tell you that this is a typical signing. Little to base this on in truth, other than the fact the boy speaks English fluently and has displayed a healthy ethic.

He’d be on a free of course and perhaps, cheap to feed. But where would we be heading here? Is this Frasier Dumbell 2.0? An argument might be made that if he could be signed and scored half a dozen goals between now and Christmas that in the Mental Asylum of the he could suddenly be worth £10M come Christmas Day.

My view is we have a squad the size of the Moscow State Circus and as many hangers on as their high wire act. I’d rather we culled a few of our minor celebs before getting ‘punts’ like Bothroyd in.