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Hello fight fans.

There was a piece lurking in the shadows yesterday from our friends at Knickers Up Mrs Brady here in relation to the Levy & Co’s ‘authorised agents’ procurement of phone records.

The gall of these people. They are actually trying to put this on a par with journalists hacking mobile phones. And am I being over sensitive, but why is the fact that Dionne Knight has a 14 year old daughter living at home with her suddenly being nudged into the equation?

I knew about her daughter when I wrote my piece the other week . I didn’t include her as I didn’t see it as relevant to the facts. The daughter is from a previous relationship and if anything I didn’t like the possible idea of a cheap shot being taken at Knight for being an unmarried mother living in sin with another man. But now the child is wheeled in as if in some bizarre manner a minor was at peril whilst men in balaclavas were shinning up drain pipes, going through knicker draws and generally acting like very bad Milk Tray men.

Levy & Co employed these ‘authorised agents’ not to obtain information that would assist in selling newspapers. Not to dig up dirt on people’s private lives. They did so to confirm and as it transpired, quite rightly, that a £500M deal government deal was not conducted in a wholly open and honest manner.

The payments to Knight from West Ham were concealed from her main employers. The fact that #facelikeakickedinfridge and other senior figures at Upton Park knew Knight worked for the OPLC is neither here nor there. What is pivotal is that the bloody OPLC didn’t know she was working for West Ham!

The OPLC had by their own account ‘taken measures’ to limit what information Knight had access to on a day to day basis as she had declared she was cohabiting with Ian Tompkins, West Ham’s Bid Director. So if she had declared part, why not all?

I’m not accusing her of being corrupt. How could I possibly know? But she certainly wasn’t transparent and the outcome of a deal such as this was too important to indulge parlour games like this.

What makes matters worse is that the West Ham bid religiously adhered to the requirements of the OPLC every step of the way. Without deviation. Despite that the fact that the sanity of giving the Porn Barons the stadium was growing more questionable by the day.

Their entire business was chained with debts. And their future as a football club looked suicidal as a business model and very swiftly after they won the bid 14-nil it was confirmed as such.

Any decent players from their stock will be sold at less than their full market potential as they bail from the sinking Championship wreck. Their income streams devastated.

The government need to investigate the issue of public interest and transparency here and not be distracted by the desperate death throes of dildo salesmen.


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  • 89Spurs says:

    It took me all last week to tweet, now at last. 1st

  • A_Felching says:

    You could not make it up

  • 89Spurs says:

    I don’t think that you want the government to
    investigate the affair, you need someone more honest and straight than that.

  • John White says:

    Ms Brady, not Mrs Brady, please. Brady is only her trading name. Isn’t she married to some Canadian dwarf with an odd name?

  • essexian76 says:

    Isn’t it strange that this issue hasn’t warranted a SINGLE response from anyone according to the site. You’re allowed to comment, it’s asks for your view, but no-one has responded as yet. For such a BIG club, that BOAST a HUGE following it’s deathly quite on that blog?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      They are notorious for deleting comments that don’t toe the party line.

      • essexian76 says:

        But not a single comment from either set of fans? Considering the enormity of the subject surely someone somewhere has a perspective about it, after all why post it on a interactive blog, I thought that was its purpose?

    • LLL says:

      Not only that, but editing comments which are counter to their weak arguments. I tried commenting on a couple of his recent posts regarding the stadium fiasco, only to find he would edit them and twist them around. My last post ‘Edit This, Spammer!’ wasn’t posted at all…

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