NO Transfer Request Says Agent – Levy Is Godzilla, Modric Is Japan!

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Modders agentĀ  Nikky Vuksan has told BBC Sport,

“I don’t think he’ll hand in a transfer request. He will honour his contract. He wants to play Champions League and win trophies. The only way we can resolve this is to sit down and talk. Luka will report today for training and will do his best, as always.”

“I have never been in a situation before where a player has had to fight a club and it’s not something we want to do. The only official offer so far is from Chelsea and we haven’t talked to any clubs. It’s no surprise that there is interest in Luka though, because he is a top, top player.”

Turned out nice again.

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  • Brycie says:

    I wanna be Venezuala!!!

  • Gilzean's Comb says:

    I wanna be sedated..wake me when it’s over..

  • Kash says:

    I just hate Sky Sports hassling of Luke Modwalker at both Croatia and Heathrow. Just to get story. ” Luka will you sign for Chelsea ??”. FECK OFF YOU CNUTS !!!. Plus the Gaily Mail can also do one.

  • Freddy says:

    This is fantastic news – and it sends the right message to the top players we seek to sign – up to now they may have been reluctant to look to Spurs for a move. Now with our top 3 staying we are way ahead in the transfer stakes in terms of being an attractive career move and Arsenal will queue up for the dross after we have taken the best of the bunch. Well done Mr Levy, Arry and Modders (also Gareth and VdV). I am thinking my 50/1 bet for Spurs to win the Premiership is a bargain! COYS

  • Ali says:

    Are ya sure this guy is Modder’ agent? he could be his agents spokepersons represantative in which case these comments mean nothing and a transfer request will be handed in shortly.

    • Ledge says:

      It could well be from Arry.. ‘he’s a top, top. player’
      Triffic news though !

      • Astromesmo says:

        Spotted that as well and started laughing. That agent has been spending waaaay too much time with Harry!!!

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