Levy On Modders Tonight, “It’s Not About The Money, He Understands Our Position”

Image for Levy On Modders Tonight, “It’s Not About The Money, He Understands Our Position”

Guten Abend.

I think my slow burn admiration for Levy & Co may well get me nicked for pyromania.

Courtesy of our boy Danny Kelly on talkSPORT, our Chairman has drawn a line in the N17 sand that I can only coo over,

“It’s not about the money and he understands our position. We are not selling our best players.”

Just a quickie – to give new readers the merest of glimpses into my private life – when was the last time someone like Levy was ever prepared to ‘wind down his Range Rover window and give quotes to the press?

Gotta lurve ‘im!


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  • Mr_Spiggott says:


    To be fair and give some balance…..


    • Harry Hotspur says:

      As ever sir, you have spotted a beautiful & obvious bleedin’ weakness.

      That’s what she said.

      • bob says:

        and to be fair it is a very negative spursish viewpoint to criticize not selling yet. We will sell our poor players if we need to. (i,e, we spend money on a player that will add something if he becomes available). We are so negative at times.

        We are not in a position to force a big club to sell.

        • Mr_Spiggott says:

          Yes you are right – lets pay these schmucks week in week out over £40,000 NOT to play.


  • maclean says:

    It’s not about the money money money.

    All bow down and worship Sir Daniel!!

    Now,enough of this, let’s get back to eyeing up of some unrealistic targets.

  • david says:

    May not look it, but our chairman is a tough operator.
    If he sticks to his word re Modders it should also stop clubs persuing other key players.

  • seattlespursguy says:

    Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has reiterated that the club will not sell star midfielder Luka Modric.

    The Croatian playmaker had been the subject of a £22million bid from Chelsea but, after a meeting with Levy this afternoon has been told that there is no chance that he will be allowed to leave White Hart lane this summer.

    Levy confirmed that no amount of money would persuade the club to sell, and revealed that Modric understood their position.

    “[We] told him he won’t be leaving. He won’t be sold. He understands our position. I’m sure once he’s back with his team-mates he’ll be absolutely fine. It’s not about money we’re not selling our best players,” Levy told Sky Sports News.

    Aces :daumen:

    • Astromesmo says:

      I’m sure Sky Sports then immediately ran a story about which club they thought he should go to and how much it would take to do it. Swines.

  • Mr_Spiggott says:

    As Modric’s stock rises, krankie and niko’s falls.

    So ends the croatian love-in.

    I wonder what Bilic makes of all this ?

    Like a woman who’s strayed I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about Modders now. I wouldn’t say he’s dead to me but he won’t get a louder cheer than anyone else at the pre-match mention of his name on the team sheet.

    A&E on the other hand……

    You’ve gotta laugh at these “superstars” who want to win trophies but don’t think they can do it with the team they’re playing for and move on.

    Team ethics are dead. And managers up and down the land are flogging dead horses to even try to get anyone playing like a team anymore. Shame.

    Jump on the bandwagon – lets spend millions on the hope 2 superstars can help us and lets get this tripe started again for another season. Ho Hum.

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