Date: 2nd July 2011 at 12:23pm
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Afternoon boys.

A busier schedule ahead of me in one day I cannot recall. A haircut has to be bought. A rack of ribs needs to be procured and the Meat Museum closes early on a Saturday. I’m out of garlic salt for the marinade. And I need to out the Sky box to order The Fight.

See what I did there?  The point I’m making is everyday we all have to multitask. For some it’s reading a newspaper without missing their stop on the underground. For others, it’s the control dashboard on a space rocket. Most of us fall somewhere between being punctual and being a decent astronaut – on the sliding scale of multitasking.

So I’m confused as to why people think that the Chairman of a football club somehow can’t multitask. If  he’s spending a few grand on barristers does it really damage our chances of being able to afford to buy The Striker Of Our Dreams™? Of course it doesn’t, it’s nonsense.

I see & Co have drawn criticism for ‘wasting time’ on the OS. And the Judicial Review. It would be great if those sneering actually understood what it was they were passing comment upon.

The NDP is a minefield. And most minefields can be negotiated, but not by lurking at their edge sneering.

The news has come out that have applied for public funding via the Regional Growth Fund. This could be a masterstroke. The application as far as I can see at this stage would very obviously tick a lot of boxes with the RGF and almost more importantly …swerve interfering chancers like Boris, and people employed at the OPLC who are also employed by Football Club.

This would be a great time for We Are N17 to announce they are disbanding. I have struggled to work out what they ever contributed to all this that was remotely positive in the first place.

Their whole mantra of it’s a sh*thole, but it’s our sh*thole alienated anyone with half a brain. We never needed a group to instigate a bed sheet being held up outside the ground by half a dozen scruffs. What we need is intelligence and guile.

If we aren’t arming ourselves in this manner then we are no better than the tubby Porn Baron who threatened civil disorder on the streets. The only black shirt I wear has a Comme de Garçons label in the back of its neck.

The NDP was only ever put on hold as it reached a point where to finance it ourselves we would, ‘overnight’ become shackled with colossal and defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. We would be unable to advance at all. But some real wise guys are already calling this wrong.

The insanity of pursuing the NDP as it stands would grant your average imbecilic No To Stratford/We Are N17 member their utopia. A swanky new stadium at WHL with a team largely comprised of youth players as we’d lose all our stars and be unable to afford to replace them. But it would be our white elephant!

There is case for the improvement of the area. A genuine one. But this has to be a byproduct of a sound business strategy. There are ways of helping ordinary folk advancing in life. Hand outs aren’t the way forward. The government and indeed the locals in Haringey need to embrace the long term benefits of having a stable multimillion pound business as a neighbour. Picking that neighbour’s pocket will ultimately result in the phrase, ‘There used to be a football club over there’ become a harrowing reality.

It’s time for the overwhelming majority of supporters to take in just what the Board are seeking to achieve here and for the noisy minority? Time for the  sneering at Levy & Co to cease.