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Good morning.

Another week behind the wheel of the the old Spurs jalopy. We rumble on as we’re overtaken and undertaken on all sides. Rumours in Goonerville are of a medical for Mata and advanced talks for Benzema. Mancini is still playing FM at Eastlands. Dalglish is hoovering up players.

Meanwhile in downtown Tottingham I am told that certain Spurs players are dragging their heels and clutching their contracts.

Defoe, 3MP and J**** are all viewing the prospect of moving oop north and taking pay cut like a tabby cat viewing a swimming pool.

Enquries Bentley consist of Alex McLeish offering £850 and a secondhand set of Dunlop golf clubs. Oh and a Shop Mobility Centre in Gants Hill want him to open their new cafe next weekend.

I’m becoming increasingly cheesed off with the gaping lack of self respect in evidence amongst  these chancers. I know J**** is in receipt of a kicking every time his name is mentioned and I don’t get any pleasure from that. But neither do I get any enjoyment from seeing him on the team sheet anymore.

PSB is obviously trying to conduct a face saving exercise but my belief is he will sooner rather than later naff off. But the others are clinging on buy their grasping fingertips.

I’m an advocate of supporting the man in the shirt to the hilt, but our squad is currently burdened with failures who can’t take a bloody hint. Jermain Defoe was booed at Milton Keynes I am told. Whilst I don’t approve, if I was him I’d jack it in and move on. But then I’m not him. I still have my feet on the ground and if I was on £35,000 a week A WEEK and was suddenly told I had to get by on £25,000 a week A WEEK it wouldn’t exactly have me checking down the back of the sofa for loose coins.

I can cope with self interest. We all need to look out for ourselves and those we love, but this just makes me plain angry.

Fackinel, I could strongle them.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    AGreed, these players play for money not for teams. Fans are the only ones that have the interest of the club at heart.

    DL could easily resolve all of this by buying a shredder

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Darn – 2nd again

  • chickenbadge says:

    We are currently experiencing a similar situation to Man City (albeit on a smaller scale) and I think it’s a sign of things to come at the larger premier league clubs. Overpaid players who are no longer wanted by their current club because they cannot perform to the required standard now have a choice; they either move to somewhere more their level for less money, or kick their heels and wait till the club gets desperate and ships them out on loan.. This way, the player still gets his dough but the club is forced to throw more money at it basically trying to maintain some sort of value in their investment.
    This can’t go on forever (or even much longer) and it strikes me the players, although not being noted for their sharpness off the field, are fully aware of this.

    • chickenbadge says:

      That being said I personally still think that Defoe can do a job for us and as Sid says….you can shred the rest of ’em.

    • King Yid says:


      I mentioned on SC that we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘Levy’) have overplayed our hand a little by stating that we need to sell before we buy. Whilst I agree that we certainly need to trim the squad, I don’t subscribe to the theory that we need to sell in order to raise funds.

      If we wait until we have sold our deadwood, then our deadwood know that they can pick and choose their deal, safe in the knowledge that if they dont fancy moving, we wont bring in a replacement and Harry will be forced to include them in the 25 man squad.

      If we move now to get our targets in, our deadwood are going to realise pretty sharpish that they no longer have that cushion and will start screamoing at their agents to find them another club before the window slams shut on their fingers.

      This is where the club are going to have to take a bit of a punt. If we dont get our targets in, we’ll end up with the same players who some of us are arguing are unable to take us to regular top four attendees. The risk is that we end up with five or six strikers on our books costing a fortune, but would short-term losses be acceptable given the importance of getting back into the CL?

      • jerkinmahjurgen says:

        Agree totally. All we need is a striker in so Defoe and co know they’re not gonna get many games and they’ll soon sod off, I’m sure.

  • jiz says:

    its all too much for me

  • Des Bennett says:

    Well I think it’s crazy to write JD off after one season for us, last year, a season in which he was out for 10 weeks with an injury as well, coupled to the fact that Arry was playing him in and out of the team with the Crouchy/VDV formation being employed in many games. We harp on and on about Modric and about loyalty, and yet here we are quite happy to force out 2 strikers who have scored over 200 goals for us in the last 7 or 8 years. Lets get real here, JD is a London boy, why the hell in his right mind would he want to move up there! He has every right to dig in and say, I have a contract here and I want to see it out, just as Mr Levy has every right to hold Modric to his.

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